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QMS Training

Quality Management System Company Wide Training

Miriam Carter

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of QMS Training

Why QMS?
What is QMS?
Quality Management System:
The use of controlled processes to produce desired results.
How Does QMS Work?
Process-Based Quality Management System Model:
1. Plan
2. Do
3. Check
4. Act
Using a Quality
Management System:
Product Quality,
Process Efficiency,
Revenue and
Customer Satisfaction.

Controlled Processes enable factual
based decisions and continual improvement.
= Continual Improvement!
Plan and Document the processes necessary to deliver desired results
Implement the planned

Monitor, Measure and Analyze process results
Take actions to improve process performance
Plan and Document
Quality Management System
All Employee Training
Continuous Improvement
Establish Process
Good Stuff, on time, every time!
How does this apply to you in your position?
Quality Objectives
Implement Procedures
Control of Documents
Internal Audit
Control of Product
Corrective Action
Preventive Action
Procedure Planning
Work Instructions
Set up Instructions
Control Plans
Maintenance Plans
There is a process for creating, distributing and maintaining these documents:
Procedure Verification
Forms and Records
Documentation allows for process measurement, analysis and verification.
Monitor, Measure & Analyze
Inspect Product
Audit Procedures
Report Results
Review Findings
Procedures that affect you:
Quality Policy
- Increase QMS Effectiveness
- Implement Lean Manufacturing Standards
- Improve product quality & Decrease failure rates
- Maintain or improve on time delivery
How can you contribute to accomplishing our objectives?
Audit Procedures
Monitor, Measure & Analyze
Internal Audits
Verify the system works the way it was intended
Verify that procedures are followed as written
Verify employees have necessary resources
Identify opportunities for improvement

Audits review processes - Not people
Monitor, Measure & Analyze
Audit Procedures
Internal Audits - What to Expect
Internal Auditors:
Ask questions, request demonstrations, review documents and records
Interrupt work flow as little as possible
Do not audit their own work
Submit a written summary of audit findings
Follow up with management to see that improvements are implemented
Monitor, Measure & Analyze
Review Findings
Management Review
Audit findings
Corrective & Preventive Action Reports
Customer Responses
Product Requirements
Quality Policy
Quality Objectives
System Effectiveness

Reviews are held at least annually to identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement
Continuous Improvement
Implement Improvements
The process starts again from the beginning.
Controlled procedures require detailed instructions.
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