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2013 Brown County Homeless and Housing Accomplishments

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Robin Kuklinski

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of 2013 Brown County Homeless and Housing Accomplishments

Help for the Homeless Hygiene Drive
-Restaurant fundraisers

Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week
-Dinner held at Riverside Ballroom
-Chili Walk and Hunger Dinner
-Poverty Simulations
-Food Drop and Distribution
-Life of a Migrant Worker - speakers at Neville Museum
-Proclamation by Mayor Jim Schmidt & County Executive Troy Streckenbach
-Let Me Be Frank "A Frank's Christmas" fundraiser
2013 Brown County Homeless and Housing Coalition Accomplishments
H.O.P.E. Team 3 Baird Place Event
- Shining a Light on Homelessness
- Formation of 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness

A Pair & A Spare Drive
- Gamblers Game - 50/50 collection

Point in Time Counts in January and July

Dinner and Service Day
Special Events
Special Events cont.
Supporting St. John's Shelter at City Council Meetings
Continuum of Care Chart
By-laws revision
Hearth Homeless Form
Transition / Discharge Forms
Common Referral and Intake Forms
H.O.P.E. team
ESG Combined Grant Application
Grant application to assist homeless populations (with NEWCAP)
Energy Assistance
Social Media / PR
Utilizing Website

Creation of Facebook page with regular updates
-Brown County Homeless & Housing Coalition

Over 75 newspaper and television articles
Education and Training
SOAR Training
LGBT Training
Presentation at HUD Conference in Green Bay
What will 2014 bring ???
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