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Product Marketing Strategy

Brogan Pilkington

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of LiView

Competitive Environment Company OverView Target Market The target market is men and women between the ages of 16-50 that live in America
race is not a factor
In terms of VALs, this audience is composed of experiencers and achievers
Want to stay connected with things they like, and willing to try new services to do so
Low to middle income. They work or go to school and do not always have the ability to travel to concerts or the resources to purchase tickets Motivations/ Attitudes This service satisfies hedonic needs of consumers. They are emotionally tied to the music they listen to. Older consumers might use LiView for nostalgic purposes Brand Personality LiView is dedicated to music and music lovers. We believe concerts should be affordable for all, and free of service fees that TicketMaster and Live Nation charge. We are innovative and constantly working toward making the online concert experience better. Brand Assignment
Brogan Pilkington LiView LiView is a website that provides music fans with access to live performances by their favorite artists from all genres
Users pay 30% of event ticket price
Excellent video quality and sound
The video is available for download within 24 hours of the original broadcast
The website provides artist bios, exclusive interviews, and lists similar artists for people to explore (no purchase necessary)
Users can share who they are listening to through social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and links to iTunes where individual songs can be purchased
App keeps users connected while on the go

In addition to the video quality, LiView is unique to the market because viewers decide what concerts are covered by sending in requests prior to show
About Competitors:
NPR All Songs Considered: Live in Concert- Free, wide selection of artists, high quality audio, but few videos
Wolfgangs Vault- membership required (free to sign up), classical rock only, audio only, does not seem like concert recording because songs are individual files, app available for smartphones
SyncLive.com- Free, mostly unsigned artists, users can chat about concert while watching, poor video quality
Nissan Live on Yahoo- Free, Ads, features artists in the top 40, released bi- monthly
YouTube- free, quality and sound varies, the entire concert may not be available Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats High quality video and sound
Multiple camera views, close ups
Quick response to tech problems
Available for download
Little to no ADs Can't completely experience a live show virtually
Needs participation from venue, artist, and their label
Requires a large staff to maintain
High ticket prices and service charge fees prevent many people from attending shows, LiView is an affordable option
Fans can virtually attend shows that are Sold out and/or are across the country Competitors listed above
Legal issues with artists and record labels
Consumers want to watch videos for free
Watching concerts online is not appealing to some consumers
No way to prevent customers from sharing downloads Perception/ Learning Influences External influences: the music they are exposed to through friends and family, and the resources they have to access new music
Internal influences: customers value music and want to stay connected to their favorite artists Consumers might perceive LiView as unnecessary, as many sites do not charge a fee to watch performances
Ads and word of mouth will provide means for them to learn what they are paying for with LiView (reliable streams/ downloads of concerts that they want to see)
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