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Copy of Copy of Mind Mapping Template

Athlete's Foot

diammond singletary

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Mind Mapping Template

However,for a Short Period's oF Time, The Fungus Can Live In a Warm Puddles on The Floor, Awaiting Another Foot To Hope onto.
Instead oF Talking up
Strenuous Actity That Prodhces Lots of
Sweat or Requires Thick Foot Wear, Start Walking For Exeroise.
A Common Fungal Infection oF the Skin oF The Feet.
The Fungus may Be contracted From Public Environments And Then Grows In The Warm And Moist Environment Usually Between The Toes And It can Also Be Difficult To Cure.

What Is Athlete's Foot?
Athletae's Foot is An infection Which Caused When fungi Invade the Skin It Also Occurs On The Bottom Of you'er Feet Or Between Toes And Is Highly Contagious. IF left Untreated,It Can
Wear Shoes or Sandals
That Allow Your Feet
To Breathe.
When Indoors ,Wear Socks
Athlete's Foot
By;Diammond M. Singletary
Where did i Get Athlete's Foot From?
Public Recrational Facility,Such As A Spa, Swimming Pool,School Locker Room's And They Shower's oF Many Place's
Fun Fact's About How You Get Rid Of Athlete's
to help with the foot Baine also the skin color
A Weakened Immune System Puts You at Great Risk For Developing Athlete's Foot And Other Opportunistic Infections.
Football Player's Exercise as well them savles just like we do as Human's.
Athlete's Foot
This Women is keeping Her Heath up By Exercis

What Are Some Symptoms Of Athlete's Foot?
Patients With Athlete's Foot Often Describe The Bottom Of Their Feet And in Between Their Toes As;
And Sometime When Severe Enough,
It Can even Cause Blisters on the Feet

Dry Between Your Toes After Swimming Or Bathing
At Least Let Your Shoes Air Out About 24 Hour Berfor You Wear Them Again.
B ut your Shoes outside
so that it can Kill the Smell

Use Any Hydrogen Peroxied Which Can Be Use by Into 1 Gallon of Clean ,lukewarm Water. Which Needs To Dry, Soak to 20-30 Minutes Moringing And Night Daily As Needed To Clear up Your Athlete's Foot.
A Weakened Immune SyStem
Puts You at Great risk For Deve
loping Athlete's Foot And Other
Opprtunistic Infections.
This is A picture Of Two Pepole Exeriseing To KEEP Healthy.
picture of how Aethle's foot look's And how Many Other Place it Can Grow.

I Woke Up Like This

A Befor And Afther
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