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My Big Fat Greek Wedding

No description

Khaliesah Nahrawi

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of My Big Fat Greek Wedding

3 Stages (According to Charles H. Cooley):

1. Toula imagined she would be an outcast without makeup

2. When she was accepted to sit with new people, she
interpreted it to be a positive reaction

3. She continued putting on makeup to seem acceptable to society My
Wedding Topics Covered Conclusions What we thought of Sociology before attending lessons What we actually learnt Quotes for thought Culture Conformity & Deviance Gender Socialisation Characters Contents Synopsis Overview Ian Miller & Toula Portokalos Movie Synopsis

Conformity & Deviance

Conclusion Definitions “To learn the scientific study of social behaviours”

“It’s interesting” Sociology isn’t just about scientific study of social behaviours
Social reality has many layers of meaning
Sociology knowledge can help us interpret situations better
New perspectives – see the world in new light “He who studies books alone will know how things ought to be, and he who studies men will know how they are.”
- Charles Caleb Colton

Do you know who studies sociology? People who would rather observe life than live it.”
- Erin McCarthy Fion Lee
Kimberly Soh
Laura Zhang
Nur Khaliesah
Zoe Ong Gus Portokalos Maria Portokalos Aunt Voula Nick Portokalos Agents of Socialization Definition Things or people or groups that influence our self-concept, values and behaviours. (Allyn & Bacon, 2009) Family 1st Example 2nd Example Toula was insecure & uncertain about dating Ian who was non-Greek She behaved in this manner because of the values and beliefs her family had instilled in her Peers Resocialization Definition The process of learning new norms, values, attitudes & behaviour. (Allyn & Bacon, 2009) Different appearance for school Baptized for marriage Looking Glass Self Toula Portokalos is Greek, 30, unmarried and still works in her family's restaurant

Toula's father only wants her to settle down but she has bigger dreams

Toula wants to take computer classes at college and her mother supports her

With her new skills, she then works at her aunt's travel agency, where she met Ian Miller. They started dating secretly but her family found out

Her father was livid over her dating a non-Greek.

He has to learn to accept Ian; Ian has to learn to accept Toula's huge family, and Toula has to learn to accept herself According to Allyn & Bacon (2009), it is the process by which people learn the characteristics of their group; i.e. knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, actions that are appropriate for them Socialization Definition 2nd Example Examples of Deviance Causes of Deviance Deviant Paths Stereotypes Origins of Patriarchy Gender Inequality in Education Definition Gender The social characteristics that society considers as proper for males and females. Sex The biological characteristics that separate females and males. Gender Roles A set of behaviours and social norms appropriate for each gender. Male Nick worked as a chef:
- Identified as a male
- Expected to cook Female Toula was not allowed to study about computers
- Females are the oppressed minority
- Weaker sex group -The social consequence of human reproduction leads to childbearing

- Their secret to their power is the knowledge gained from external contact with other groups Examples Origins of Patriarchy 2 Origins of Patriarchy 1 - Men are physically stronger
- They become warriors
- Women become merchandise Examples of women becoming merchandise: Toula's brother was to marry a Greek virgin Workplace Education Gender Stratification The unequal access of males and females Deviance Any behaviour /act that violates social rules(norms) Deviant Person who exhibits behaviour/characteristics that society considers unacceptable Conformity - Obey rules, norms and laws
- Desire cultural goals and accept institutionalized means - Wanted to marry a non-greek
- Enrolled in computer classes - Baptized himself and became Greek - Didn't allow Toula to take classes at the uni
- Conducted matchmaking session Differential Theory - Deviance is learnt through different groups' norms
- By choosing one group over another, we are choosing our own path Ian influenced Toula to elope Control Theory - 2 control systems prevent one from deviating
- Inner controls: Internalised morality (conscience, religious convictions, moral values, desire to do good, fear of punishment, feeling of integrity
- Outer controls: Include people who influence us to follow norms (family, friends, police) Inner Control - Greek teaching
- Conscientious Outer Control - Marie (Toula's mum) persuaded Gus to allow Ian to marry Toula - Toula accepted her culture

- Toula accepted Greek school Innovation: short cuts Desire cultural goals and replace institutional means Toula wanted a new job, she didn't like working at the Dancing Zorba Toula wanted to further her studies at the university Retreatism: withdraw Reject cultural goals and reject institutionalized means Ritualism: giving up idealism Rejecting cultural goals and accepting institutionalized means Toula worked in the family restaurant and did not aspire to be someone successful. She also accepted who she is; a Greek and went to Greek school. Rebellion: creating something Reject or replace cultural goals and reject or replace institutionalized means -Toula rejected the norm of marrying a pure Greek
- She replaced the norm by marrying Ian Miller after he got baptized Definitions Culture Culture is the way of life of people – consisting of the beliefs, behaviours, objects, and other characteristics common to the members of a particular group or society. Material VS Non-Material Culture Material culture: Objects that people attach meaning to. (e.g. products, costumes, technology, food)

Non-material culture: Intangible human creations. (language, values, norms, rules) Principles of Culture Culture is:
- Learnt
- Shared
- Internalised Different Cultural Worlds Subculture A group of individuals that do share some qualities that the majority of society share, but the group has its own values, beliefs, norms, behaviour, etc In “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, the subculture is the Ian’s family, the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (American with British ancestry). Counterculture A type of subculture that completely disregards society’s norms and values and creates new ones. They tend to develop when people will not conform to the mainstream. The Greeks have their own Greek schools, Greek neighbourhood, Greek church and Greek traditions. Toula’s father does not approve of her marrying another race. Ideal Culture Vs Real Culture Ideal Culture: Values, Norms and goals that a group considers worth aspiring to
Real Culture: What people actually follow and do Example Ideal culture for Greeks: To marry a Greek and have Greek babies
Real culture: Toula falls in love uncontrollably with Ian, non-Greek and gets married Reactions to a different culture Cultural Relativism Trying to appreciate and understand other cultures on their own terms, without judging them as superior/inferior to our own Ethnocentrism The belief in the inherent superiority of one’s own culture over another and judging the other Toula’s father’s assuming that Greek are the superior race, excessively loyal to their culture and discriminate other cultures Cultural Diffusion - When characteristics of one culture are incorporated into another when 2 different cultures come into contact
- Occurs when people of different backgrounds and cultures learn from each other Ian and Toula's family learning from each other Culture Levelling Cultures become similar to one another due to globalization (technology and western culture) Conformity Positive Sanctions Sanctions Encourages desired behaviours and norms-followers are rewarded Toula got to work in Mt Olympus
Toula was allowed to study in college
Ian got a chance to become Greek and marry Toula Negative Sanctions Deter undesired behaviours. Norms-breakers are punished Gossip from Toula’s family when she started dating Ian
Toula’s father Gus was unhappy
Ian received a scolding from Gus
Toula received a lecture from Gus about mixing with a non Greek Questions
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