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Indian Wars (1864-1890)

Indian Wars: Prezi to accompany lecture. Take notes in spiral

Laura Thrower

on 19 January 2016

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Transcript of Indian Wars (1864-1890)

Sand Creek Massacre
Nov 1864
Treaty of Fort Laramie
Battle of Little Big Horn
June 1876
Westward Expansion
-In 1802 the rights of Americans to ship their goods through New Orleans were withdrawn.
-Americans became furious and demanded Jefferson go to war
Sometimes known as
"Custer's Last Stand"
Indian Wars Timeline (1864-1890)
Gold discovered in
Black Hills Mountains
1876-Sitting Bull refuses
further treaties with US
what will this
mean for both sides?
Dawes Act
Helen Hunt Jackson's "A Century of Dishonor" published: 1881:
What was it about and its impact?
Wounded Knee Massacre
Dec 1890
Nez Perce tribe and Chief Joseph
Assimilation schools setup
on or near reservations: 1887-1920
Analyze this movie clip:
What happens during "assimilation"?
As you review this timeline of events, make sure each is
in your spiral notes with enough detail YOU need to understand each event and its results.

Essential Understandings:
In what ways do reservations, the wars, and assimilation all affect the current lives of Native American people?
What is the result of this discovery for Native Americans
and how did this relate to the Treaty of Fort Laramie?
Intentional destruction of buffalo begins: results for Native people?
1890: US census declares "frontier is closed", meaning all lands in the West had been settled
REVIEW: In what ways did the "white man" attempt to deal with the "Indian Problem" as expansion and Manifest Destiny in the West increased after 1860?
What conclusions can you draw from this famous photo about the interactions between the US Army and the tribal Indian leaders?
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