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New Literacy Prezi

THC Class

Lottie Staggs

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of New Literacy Prezi

By: Lottie, Lawrence, Zach Literacy Timeline A New Literacy: Making
Connections in Electronic Environment Clive Thompson on
New Literacy New Literacy in Schools * Not using Google makes you stupid, too. A 2008 study at UCLA's Memory and Aging Center looked at how Internet-usage affected not only memory but also cognition. Led by Dr. Small, the scientists split a group of subjects between 55 and 76 years of age into a group of experienced and inexperienced Internet users, then used MRI scans to see how their brains worked when reading books or searching the web. Experienced Internet users actually showed increased brain activity, with more advanced decision-making skills and complex reasoning. In simple terms, the inexperienced Internet users lagged behind. Check out the brain on the right (with Google practice) versus the one on the left (without Google practice): What is New Literacy? *"We are in the midst of a literacy
revolution that we haven't seen since
Greek civilization" - Andrea Lunsford, professor at Stanford University

* We are writing more than ever before!

* Blogs, Social Media, email, etc. * Everything is digital!
- eLearning, email, tests, readings (articles),
- hard copies are non existant
- You can buy the eBook instead of textbook

* "Literacy" as in the 'new literacy' is a metaphor for essential abilities required today to shape and communicate meanings, develop oneself, and participate in a society" - Daniel Churchill (online powerpoint) Making us Smarter? New Literacy * "For students to do well in the future, they must be able to work with what researchers call the "new literacies" which involve reading and learning through the Internet and other information and communication technologies" * A new form of literacy using digital technology Google is making us stupid and smarter at the same time? - The Atlantic Wire Examples of New Literacy The Future of Reading in Schools By Katherine Schulten and Shannon Doyne Asked a series of questions like:
- Do you still learn chiefly from printed textbooks at your school?
- Do your teachers use online materials to enrich what you're reading?
- How does this affect reading scores? 1) What will the English classroom look like ten years from a learning standpoint? Will texts be online? Will iPads be used in the classroom? Etc.

2) What do you think the future of books will look like? Describe it's characteristics and features. Discussion Take the Quiz! 1) Which type of New Literacy is based on "reading, writing and speaking"?
2) Is your brain on Google smarter or dumber according to the article we referred to?
3) What were the three new types of "future" books referred to in the video?
Copper, Alice and Nielson
Coupland, Alice and Nelson
Wells, Anderson, and Erikson
4) According to the Communication timeline, when was the pencil created?
1600 AD
1500 AD
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