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Demo mindmap importer for Prezi

Demonstration of the UNofficial(!) mindmap importer for Prezi

Roel van der Plank

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Demo mindmap importer for Prezi

(Freemind) Mindmap importer for Prezi
Brought to you by UNofficialPreziProducts@gmail.com
Perhaps best known for the UNofficial Prezi Player for Android, that is now 'DEFUNCT' as it no longer supports the newest prezi file format.
However, one of the compelling reasons that it is defunct is that the OFFICIAL prezi app for android (developed by the prezi team themselves) is in testing stages.
As of the making of this prezi, it has not yet been released, but joining that testing stage is still possible: please Google for 'testflight + prezi'!
This prezi is about the REDESIGNED mindmapimporter
There was an initial version, which, however, was
almost impossible to develop further.
This new version is still in a beta phase, and may
not work properly in your situation.
A restriction of this version is that it is only useful if you have access to prezi desktop, as the mindmapimporter produces prezi desktop files (*.pez).
But the nice thing: it can import an arbitrary freemind mindmap (including images!) and amend its content
to an existing(!) prezi desktop file (*.pez).
The resulting prezi is saved to a new pez file, and
can be uploaded to prezi.com, or adapted with
prezi desktop and shown from there.
The new, beta version can be found in:
View a youtube video, showing this prezi and how the app is used...
The old version can still be accessed
(although it is no longer maintained):
Or view it on
Youtube WITH
(click on link)
LONG video (>9 minutes)
Short video
(<3minutes, but shaky!)
click on link
Various mindmap software can export to the popular Freemind .mm fileformat, including but not necessarely limited to:
MindJet from Mindmanager
(not confirmed)
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