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Toronto Raptors

No description

Grace Chan

on 1 August 2014

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Transcript of Toronto Raptors

Changing the way we view female (sport) consumers
Client/Relationship Management
Implementation of these two ideas will commence immediately, and shall be maintained throughout the duration of the next 5 years. Evaluation will be critical at the one and three year mark to make adjustments accordingly.
Raptors Exclusive Clients (Full Season Holders)
a core focus will be further cultivating and retaining clients, and satisfaction
establishing opportunities to transform these holders into a means of attracting other clients of equally high value

Raptors Distinguished Clients (Half Season and 10-Pack Holders)
core focus will be on converting these clients into higher frequency consumers, and satisfaction
understanding that some of these clients may never escalate to consume more, retention here is also critical
Chau Dang
Ivy Liu

Freddy Castaneda

short-term tactic to tackle

increase Raptors' media presence
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (SnapChat)
Engages entire audience:
Take a unique photo of fan with merchandise
Submit photo using hashtag
Photos with 100< likes/retweets win product
Top 3 winners at the end of season win season tickets for following year, plus spend a day at the Raptors' Clinic
$1 donated to the Raptors' Clinic, Raptors' Basketball Academy, Basketball Canada, and/or Basketball Ontario each ticket
Mother-Child Tandem
long-term, implemented immediately for the full 5 years
identifying with the family-woman
valid for weekend home games
single-game options, or bundle
Groupon will be used as a test outlet for the sale of these tickets
Create Mother-Children "Tandem" value tickets.
Portion of "Tandem" tickets will be donated to "CCS" and "You Can Play"
Raptors will be the first NBA team to endorse "You Can Play"
The Raptors seek to match every dollar
Promotions and advertisements will be posted on each of the respective partnership sites to encourage exposure
Toronto Lords Basketball
recipient of 2014 Team Up Fund
engages young men and women through basketball (ages 10-18)
strives to instill leadership, teamwork, and discipline through accessibility
overhaul in merchandise available
a more marketing service-driven approach to sales & retention
take advantage of the 20th anniversary design to release limited edition gear
facilitate into the social


and fan


Girls Night Out
Take a picture...
... because the best thing about memories...
... is making them.
Make Memories with the Raptors
sponsored by
autograph and photo-op between children and players/mascots
photo purchase options, poster-sized
online purchases of children's tickets entitled to free customization
Buy One, Get One promotional price for female tickets
Unique barcodes and ticket designs will assist in monitoring the success of these promotions
Bobby Brown
limited edition gift
Free customization on jerseys (online purchases)
Limited Edition jerseys will entitle 20% off food/ non-alcoholic beverage that night
Relevant commercials will be broadcasted during games on the Jumbotron as well as to viewers at home
Select ads will be placed at Pearson Airport as well, in an effort to reach the traveling women (and collaterally other travelers or tourists)
Retailers such as Adidas (the jersey manufacturer) and SportChek will be channels for the release and sale of product
select high-traffic and high-volume stores will be given limited numbers of jerseys as a limited time uniform to promote exposure and interest
ads will be placed in these company's websites and flyers, as well as be available in store
licensed POP will also be on display physically in the store
on-going merchandise designs will include more jerseys in the same style as men's, only altered in cut/fit, as well as headgear
each online ticket purchase will include a free customization option

The earning
Generally single
Identified as~35+ years old, but we want to cultivate them earlier, at ~25<, utilizing the 10-game package as a catalyst
Career driven-- and most importantly, successful
High educations
Influential (amongst colleagues and friends)
Disposable income
Tech- and social media savvy

The career
Makes household decisions
Maternal instincts have softened their earning, but sharpened their demand for value in spending
Influential (amongst family and other mothers)
Tech-and social media savvy

The New
Potential and Opportunity for the Raptors...
46% of self-identified MLB fans are women
44% of NFL TV viewers are women, up from 34% in 2011
More women watch the Super Bowl than the Oscars – 46% of the viewers for that game are women, up from 14% in 2002
The NFL reports that spending on women’s apparel has risen 76% since 2010
Products that are made specifically for women make up 17% of sports apparel, whereas eight years ago it was close to zero (Source: Businessweek, November 2013)
Women spent 80% of all sport apparel dollars and controlled 60% of all money spent on men’s clothing (The NDP Group)
Purchase Option Freedom
Employ the current ticket purchase options
Full Season Holder (43 games) -
Premium Pricing
Half Season Holder (20 games) -
Premium Pricing
Mini Pack (10 pre-selected games) -
Economy Pricing
Additionally initiate a 10-game bundle of holder-selected games
(Penetration Pricing)
, as well as

Re-evaluate pricing strategies at 3rd year
Middle-Term Strategies
Eligible only for the ladies to enter
Simply purchase a ticket and invite a girlfriend
Upload a selfie in your jersey on Twitter/ Instagram, tag @Raptors, and hashtag #raptorsxsurpriseforher
Two accounts will be chosen and invited to sit at the front row and enjoy the game with Drake
100 Muzik Pool Bar tickets will be given free entry + 1 alcohol pass
Promotions will widely be delivered on websites and social media accounts of the Raptors, Drake, and Muzik Pool Bar
In addition, advertisement space on Facebook will be purchased (displayed on the right hand side of the site, utilizing cookies and scraping to target women in the age group of 19-35)

re-branding the existing service specialists
elevating service standard from sale to after-sale
key to this department is maintaining high-value for these clients, and ensuring their loyalty
building trust with clients will be empirical to a seamless and pleasant experience for season holders, giving reason for them to return for the following seasons
level the playing field for women to consume product and merchandise
not only will they experience the game, they experience being a fan by representing the team in wearing merchandise and their colours
capitalize on the ability of women to spend
generate new revenues from merchandise sales
this will also be a good measurement of success or failure in attracting and developing female fans
Newspapers such as the Toronto Star, and The Globe and Mail will be ideal news outlets to advertise our promotions and campaigns. Similar ads will appear in select sports magazines, as well as lifestyle magazines (Fitness, Women's Health, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan). Apps such as SportsNet and theScore will also be sought out as potential advertisement placements.
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