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Chapter 10: New Civilization Emerges in Western Europe.

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Emily Madsen

on 27 April 2011

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Transcript of Chapter 10: New Civilization Emerges in Western Europe.

Chapter 10: I: The Flavor of the Middle Ages The society being compared to other areas that were borrowing from.
Little bit backwards. I.E Arab control.
Middle Ages had many creation of institutions and values- population boom, political units, tech invovations.
Middle Ages were associate with intellectual and religious life with new concepts of limited government.
II: Stages of postclassical development Problems: Romes decline, Muslim intefernce.
Invasions reflected weakness of the West.
The Manorial System: Manorialism:
Landlords used serfs to help owm estalibshment.
Manorial system heavy on serfs with the system of hierarchy involved.
The Chruch: Political and Spiritual Power: Catholic chruch only example of organization: What did the Pope do? How did Christanity expand?
Monasteries helped discipline the intense spirituality.

Pop quiz!!! What did Charlemagne Do???? New Economic and Urban Vigor Intenational contacts in using the new agricultural methods.
Population growth and steady economy- trading and expansion in towns. Reflect in western Europe's agriculture?
Economic and urban surge helped incultural life and education.
Feudalism and Political Advances Feudalism:
Charlemagne used his kingdom as the start of feudalism, used to gain power and authority. With the beginning of the bureaucratic adminstration.
England: William the Conqueror
Resembled meausres in China and functions.
Limited Government Feudalism and the limitations
King John and the Magna Carta
Feudal balance led to the creation of parliaments and the three estates
Even though the feudal limited government was not a modern version, the people had rights in which they were born with called... This differed from the Japanese ideal of feudalism which loyalty was more important than checks and balances.
Hundred Years' War:
West Expansion, Religious Evolution and "High" Middle Ages CRUSADES!!! Cause, beginning, middle and end.
When medival society developed, Catholicism went though peroids of demise and renewal (like all good religions) Reforms?
Gregory VII- purify the chruch of feudal lords. What else?- investiture...
Postclassical West reached high mark in 12th and 13th century when population, agriculture and cities were fed by creative tensions of the fedual political structure III: Western Culture and Christainty
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