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Edith Pattou Author of HERO'S SONG and FIRE ARROW

Jordan Adkins

on 11 December 2009

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Transcript of East

East Edith Pattou Author of HERO'S SONG and FIRE ARROW Background The mother Eugenia believes in birth direction. Birth direction means that the direction a baby was born shows how they will become. Eugenia married and her and Arne, the father who does not believe in birth direction, starts right away having children. Eugenia wanted to have a child in every direction, but not north. A skjebne- soke,or fortune teller said that she will have a north child that will die under ice. Eugenia's house is surrounded by ice glasters makes that easy to happen. So, Eugenia made a promise NEVER to have a north child. But, it was meant to be and it happened, she had a north child named nymah. Eugenia thought that she would save her and change her into a east child, hints, the name. Now, Nymah who now is Ebba Rose's, but everyone calls her Rose, mother tries to teach her like a east. But, soon enough Rose finds out the she was a north child all along. By being a north child aventure comes her way. BOOK ONE In the beginning of book one it tells how Engenia was in the woods with her husband and somehow had birth to Ebba Rose, Rose for short. When she was in the woods she was north which meant the fortune came true. The fortune was that she would have a north and the child would die under ice and snow. When Rose was born her mother decided it would be best to change her into an east. So all the that time since she was born her mother would make her do things an east would do like sew and sit still. By having north in Roses blood she would leave and explore leaving Neddy, her brother, to find her because he had to look after her. For a few days she would be exploring and see a white bear. The white bear would appear and disappear quick enough though so Rose thouht it was she imagination. The fortune of a north child had to come true and it did. Rose was exploring again and fell into a river but luckily the white bear saved her. The bear picked her up with its mouth and Neddy saw it all. Neddy was on his way to find her and saw that the bear saved her. Days passed and the bear was no where to be found. Until when the whole family, mother, father, and Roses six brothers and sisters were in the living room. The door opened right up and the white bear came in. The white bear said that he would take Rose and save Roses sister, Sara, who have been sick and give the family wealth, in six to seven days he would be back to take Rose. The father said no right then and there but it was Roses decision. The seventh day came and everyone believed that Rose would saw no but she did not. Rose said yes and left with white bear. Neddy who loved Rsoe dearly tried to run after her but the white bear and Rose on the bear's back disappeared into the woods. Book One Book Two In book two the white bear and Rose travel the world to go to a place that Rose does not know. It also flashes back to a troll queen time to time. The troll queen first meets a boy from the green lands. Rose and the bear travels on land, water, but on water the bear picks seal skin on Rose so Rose can breath. The bear and Rose traveled for days until they stopped. The bear stopped at a mountain motioning for Rose to enter the house in the mountain shown by the door. The white bear took her into a room and left. Rose and the white bear was in the mountain house for months and it that time Rose never say the bear. She would explore the house and ended up in the sewing room everyday. The house had hundreds of rooms and every room had something that Rose wondered about. The food was always there and lights were always on and Rose started to become suspicious. Back to the troll queen, the troll queen then planned to take the boy she meet in the green lands. Back home the family was gettting bad. The family was supposed to sale the house, which would mean having no where to live. But when the people came to take the house they saw the maps and wild roses the father had made. The people then decided to make money out of them and the family would not have to sale the house. The white bear was right the family started to get money. Back to the troll queen, she has taken the boy. Rose had been in the house in the mountain for a while now and the food appearing and the lights on has been getting her weirded out. Rose explored the house and found a room behind a blanket at the end of the hallway. The door was locked that time but everyday she would see if the door was locked. That one day it was not. Rose walked in and saw a women and a boy. They both looked different though. Rose was then took to the room with the food, again. She started to call in the red couch room because there was a red couch in the specific room. The people never talked to Rose. Rose would see them now and then but they would turn away and go back to the secret room. The troll queens father did not like the idea of the green land boy and decided to change something because the troll queen had not listened. Rose had started to talk to the boy who was really a man. The mans name was Tuki and found out that the womans name was Urda. Eventually you find out that the father of the troll queen made the boy the white bear with Rose. Rose was had a visitor in her bed and the person would sleep woth her. Being Rose weeks and months passed by and Rose did not know who the person was beside her in her bed so she looked and it was a man. The man was then taken by the troll queen because the father of the troll queen made a deal that the boy would be turned into a white bear and would have to live with a girl for one year to break the spell. The two servants were the troll queens maid and her son to watch over the man. Since Rose looked at the man under the bear that one night the troll queen took the man away to a place East of of the sun and West of the moon.. Rose knew that she had to get the "white bear" back and she would travel to that location and find him. The location the man told her East of the sun and West on the moon means unknown. Rose would have to find the unknown palace the troll queen lives in the save her friend the white bear now man. The troll queen traveled with the man and the two servants to the trolls queens palace to get married to the man once white bear. Two BOOKS OUT OF THE FIVE CHARACTERS Eugenia - mother and believes in brith direction

Arne - father and doesn't believe in birth direction. Arne has kept the secret to himself

Sara- Rose's sister and is very sick

Rose - an east child but really a north child and goes with the white bear

Troll queen- is in love with the boy in the greenlands and hopes in marry him

Troll queens father- is mad at his daughter and puts a spell on the boy from the greenlands
Engenia, the mother,
has Rose Sara, Roses sister,
gets sick The white bear asks to take Rose and give her family wealth Rose goes with the white
bear for almost a year Rose sees a white
bear in the woods Wierd things begin to
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