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Women and American Politics

No description

Gina Christaldi

on 2 July 2013

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Transcript of Women and American Politics

Early Political Career
Susan was the first woman to run for the governorship in the state of Maine for either party. She did lose this particular race to an independent by the name of Angus King
United States Senate
In 1996 Susan began her political career on the national stage by running for United States Senate. She ran as a Republican for the seat vacated by the retiring William Cohen. She won the election in 1996 and has been reelected to every term. She is again up for reelection in the 2014 midterm elections.
Women and American Politics
Final Video Presentation
US Senator Susan Collins (R) ME

Susan Collins Affiliations
Susan is viewed by most as a moderate Republican. She is publicly endorsed by groups that are not typically associated with the Republcian party.
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The Beginning
Susan Collins is a current United States Republican Senator from the state of Maine. She is unique in the fact that she is a stated pro-choice Republican

Early Political Career
Susan Collins began her political career in 1994 when she ran for Governor in the state of Maine. She was able to defeat 7 men during the Republican primary and did run as the Republican candidate during that election.
Susan Collins
Born in Caribou, ME
December 7, 1952
Susan is endorsed by ConservAmerica
This is a Republican based group whose stated purpose is 'to strengthen the Republican party's stance on environmental issues and support efforts to conserve natural resources
Susan is also endorsed by the group Republican Majority for Choice
Republican Majority for Choice
An organization dedicated to limiting the scope of government which includes social issues such as abortion and gay marriage
Susan is supported by the Human Rights Campaign
Which is a gay/lesbian organization that works to promote gay marriage. she is only 1 of 6 Republican Senators to be endorsed by HRC
I chose to discuss matters related to gender. As a pro-choice Republican it may prove difficult to openly discuss matters on gender within the party
This is one reason why women may identify more with the Democratic party, since their platform on social issues is more inline with gender issues.
Susan Collins
Susan Collins
Collins is able to speak out on issues of gender somewhat freely. She is viewed as being fiscally conservative on certain aspects of the economy, but socially liberal on gender issues
To summarize
It is so incredibly important for issues regarding gender be discussed openly and for pro-choice Republicans women to feel safe in doing so
Susan Collins in one of a few women who lead the way for others like her
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