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Welcome to English Class!

No description

on 10 May 2017

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Transcript of Welcome to English Class!

Welcome to English Class!
Miss Rivera - Rm. 166
Rules and Procedures
Required Materials
Homework & Classwork
Grading Policy
Timed Examination
Discussion Time!
Why is it important to follow your teacher's directions, specifically in a Hybrid class?
Entry Procedure
Line up
along outside wall adjacent to door.
is allowed to enter my room UNLESS I give you express permission to do so.
Please wait patiently
until I come out to get you.
Always sit in your
seat. Once you log onto your computer, you will see an update that will move your seating area.
Daily Procedures
1. Walk in quietly.
2. Open your computer and log in. While it's loading, open your agenda book and write down any homework you may have.
3. Keep your agenda book open so that I may come and stamp it.
4. Complete the daily Bell Ringer (if posted)
Hybrid Learning Expectations
1.) Read and follow your digital agenda.
2.) Manage your time wisely.
3.) Complete work in the time frame provided.
Class will be conducted daily in a hybrid learning format.
-- first 5 minutes and last 5 minutes. Emergencies only between those times.
2) You do NOT need permission to get tissues or sharpen your pencil.
3) All students are expected to
work to their highest potential
communicate with individuals
in the class. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Weighted Categories
(NOT total points)
Grading Key:
= 10 pts
= 7 pts
= 5 points
= 0 points
All long-term assignments are due by the END OF CLASS on the due date!!
Place all submissions into the Submission Box.
On Time = by the end of class.
LATE = by Baron Time on due date OR next day.
LATE = -10% PER DAY!!
Computer Usage:
Computers MUST be charged and ready for class!
1) 1st offense - Warning and LOG
2) 2nd offense - A LOG will be issued and you will come during lunch to clean the computers.
3) 3rd offense - A detention will be issued.
YOU are responsible for making up what you missed!!
Check the
upon your return for handouts you missed.
Getting the handouts DOES NOT mean you've caught up! Ask a classmate what happened and what the assignments are!
Materials and
Free Reading Books
ALWAYS return books and materials in the SAME condition as when you borrowed them!!
do we do?
Laptops -
If you have not done so already, you need to record the number of your computer. Look at the number written on the masking tape and record it in your agenda. You MUST have this computer with you EVERY DAY!
Finding the Digital Agenda
1. Manheim Central School District Website
2. Log in to Schoology using the same username and password as with your computer.
3. Click "
" and choose your class
(Block 1, 3, 5)
4. Open the "
" Folder
5. All links for each rotation are in the digital agenda as well as their corresponding folders on Schoology.
Expectations for Hogwarts Station:
Bring your
and other
to this station. Store your binder and book
the desk.
classroom rules apply.
Attention is on what you are learning with the teacher-
NOT the other stations.
Expectations for the Neverland Station
Be respectful and supportive of each other’s ideas and questions.
Use 6-inch voices.
Keep the station organized; leave it better than you found it!
Use time wisely; keep an eye on the time; give yourself enough time to complete the task(s)
Log on to relevant websites only
Save early, save often [CNTRL + S]
If you need help:
Read your digital agenda.
Brainstorm with your group members to solve any problems.
If you are having computer issues, consult troubleshooting tips.
What do we do in Narnia?
Teacher-created learning paths on Edpuzzle, Prezi, Schoology, etc.
Skill practice on IXL
Close Reading (First Draft, Second Draft, etc.)
Independent reading
Expectations for Narnia Station
Reading for understanding is crucial.
NO interrupting Hogwarts!
Graded on
writing produced in station, notebook checks, reading checks, and IXL completion.
If you finish early, follow instructions in the
How do I make sure all my work is completed?
Download the digital agenda and open the document in Word.

Highlight tasks as you complete them. This way, you know you have completed everything I've asked you to do.
Server Folders
Create Folders
How can I problem solve?
... for computer issues?
... for password problems?
... for lack of Schoology access?
These sheets are available in the back of my classroom. If any computer problem takes you more than 5 minutes to resolve, fill out one of these slips and leave it in the BAFFLE BIN so I can submit a tech request.
(Not Mrs.)
Who's THIS crazy master of selfies?
What is this saying?

Is it TRUE?
There is absolutely
NO talking
at this station!!!
NO food or drinks
at this station.
Read your daily Digital Agenda
Use time wisely
Log on to
relevant websites only
Save early, save often
troubleshooting tips
if you have computer issues
1st offense= Warning
2nd Offense= LoG
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