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Chapter in Review Portfolio

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brooke haney

on 2 April 2016

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Transcript of Chapter in Review Portfolio

Athens High School FCCLA
Chapter in Review Portfolio
FCCLA Planning Process Summary Page
Membership Campaigns
Meetings and Ceremonies
Leadership Activities
Cooperative, Competitive, and Individualized Activities
Community Service Activities
Chapter Resource
Chapter Budget
State and
National Programs
Public Relations
This year our chapter designed a t-shirt on Wordle. The design goes along with the national theme “Discover Your Voice”. The words “Discover Your Voice” are written around a music note filled with words relating to FCCLA. The officer shirts are teal with gray lettering, and the member shirts are gray with teal lettering.

Club Fair
This year the first annual club fair was held at Athens High School. Every club at the school had a booth set up where members of the club could hand out information about the club. Students would pass by the booths in the morning and in the afternoon, and they could pick up papers with information about each club on it.

Monogrammed Hats
The officers of our chapter do not want FCCLA to be known as a “fundraising” club, but there is a fundraiser that we have started that has been very successful. Our high school’s FACS (Family and Consumer Science) Department purchased an embroidery machine that makes monogramming hats possible. People who buy the hats can have their name, their initials, their favorite team’s logo, and even more monogrammed onto a hat color of their choice. We ask $15 for the hats, and we make a $10 profit by selling them. The officers have asked each member to sell 5 hats throughout the year.
Big/Little Activities
The officers of our chapter thought of ways to get more members to sign up for FCCLA and to encourage current members. Instead of Big Sister/Little Sister or Big Brother/Little Brother, we have Big/Little, since the club is mixed with males and females. Each officer claimed 2-3 members to be responsible for. They are responsible for making sure their “little” knows about every meeting and every activity. Another way we are encouraging members is by having a monthly activity where all of the members are invited to have fun with each other such as going bowling, seeing a movie, going iceskating, or eating dinner.
Each month we have an in-school meeting where the members are told about all the upcoming events that month. The officers have created a newsletter which has all the information mentioned in the meeting on it. We give these out to the members who did not attend the monthly in-school meeting.
STAR Event
One week out of the year, FCCLA members are asked to do a certain thing at school each day of the week. Members that do the task for that day earn points for participating.
Our FCCLA officers set aside a day to meet after school to talk about how the next in-school meeting will go. We talk about current activities that members need to be reminded of, and we also plan to introduce the new activities to the members.
An in-school meeting is held every month for members to learn more about what is happening in FCCLA. Members that do not attend the meeting receive a newsletter. The officers have tried to find ways to make the meetings fun for the members. We have played games, had a snack, and had a great time with every member.
STAR Events meetings are held after school for any member interested in competing in a STAR Event at State Conference. Members choose a STAR Event that fits them the best with the help of our adviser, Mrs. Barksdale.
End of the Year Awards
Every year at the end of the second semester, an awards ceremony is held to recognize our members. Each member receives a certificate stating the number of community service hours they received throughout the school year. This year the ceremony was held on May 21, 2014.
Junior Leadership
Development Conference
This year was the second time Athens High School FCCLA officers have attended JLDC (Junior Leadership Development Conference) in Birmingham, AL. This year the conference was held on September 23-24, 2013. Our officers attended different sessions to learn more about leadership. A number of colleges and businesses had booths set up to hand out information and give kids an idea of what they would like to do after high school.

STAR Events
This year we had a large number of members to participate in a STAR Event; this is the most we have ever had. At the beginning of the year, officers automatically pick a STAR Event they would like to do. At the in-school meetings, we explain what STAR Events are and encourage the other members to participate in a STAR Event at state conference. Last year, there were five members to compete in STAR Events. This year we had twelve.
This is the first year that Athens High School has offered the class “Family and Community Service”. Our FCCLA adviser, Mrs. Barksdale, is the teacher for this class. She has made STAR Events a project in this class, so the class will know what doing these STAR Events are like. Some students in the class are members in FCCLA, so they did their project on the STAR Event they are planning to do at state conference.
Nursing Home
Every year, FCCLA members are asked to help make holiday cards to hand to the residents at our local nursing homes. This year we planned to give out cards for Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. The residents were very grateful for our visit.
Days for Girls
Power of One
Full Tummy Project
No Kid Hungry
Beef Cook-off
Athens High School hosted the annual Limestone County Cattlemen’s Association Beef Cook-Off on October 24, 2013. All of the Limestone County Schools were invited to participate in this cook-off. The superintendents of Athens City Schools and Limestone County Schools were also welcomed. Athens High School had two students compete in this cook-off. Baylee Carroll, a senior and FCCLA officer at Athens, competed in the senior division and received first place and $50 for cooking Mini Cheeseburger Pies. Sloane Daley, a freshman at Athens, competed in the junior division and received third place and $30 for cooking Three Cheese Beefy Pasta.
The Full Tummy Project is a program where food is collected to give to kids that go home on the weekend and do not get to eat. Nonperishable food items that are easy to open are put into small bags. These bags are put into students’ backpacks discretely during school. There are a lot of kids in our area that need this program. It is very effective, and we are very glad to be a part of it.
Table of Contents
*FCCLA Planning Process Summary

*Membership Campaigns
-Big/Little Activities
-Club Fair
-Monogrammed Hats
*Meetings and Ceremonies
-Meetings- in-school, officer, STAR Event
*Recognition Activities
-End of the Year Awards

*Leadership Activities
-JLDC 13-14
-STAR Events
-Nursing Home Visits
-Power of One
-Full Tummy Project
-No Kid Hungry
-Days for Girls
*Cooperative, Competitive, and
Individualized Activities
-Beef Cook-Off
*Community Service Activities
-The Haven
-Full Tummy Project
- No Kid Hungry
- Days for Girls
Each officer plans a day to go to tutoring at the Haven. Central Church of Christ in Athens bought a house near Athens Elementary School and cleaned it up to use as a building for tutoring. There are many volunteers that have been trained and know how to deal with the kids. There are sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-4:30. Around Christmas, the volunteers at the Haven put together a Christmas party for the kids. Some of our officers took over some "Christmas trees" made from popsicle sticks and gave the kids supplies to decorate the trees. They really enjoyed both of these activities. The Haven is a great experience, and our officers love to go help tutor and do activities with the kids.
Power of One is a national program that helps students reach their goals. Our chapter's members participate in this program, and they learn how to set and achieve goals. This program also teaches students how to make their plans to achieve their goals better. Eight of our chapter's members were recognized at State conference and will be recognized at National conference for completing Power of One.
Days for Girls is a nationwide program that provides feminine products for girls in need in 57 nations around the world. Some girls have to miss school because they do not have proper hygiene products to use. The products that are made and sent to these places are reusable. They can be washed unlike regular products. Our chapter is involved in this program, and we have members that stay after school to help make these products. They have to be sewn together, then put in a bag that is also sewn.

The No Kid Hungry Campaign is a national program that connects kids in need with nutritious food and teaches families how to cook healthy, affordable meals.
Our chapter's FCCLA does the Full Tummy project to incorporate a National Program (No Kid Hungry) on a local level.
We also give out Publix rewards cards to the members to hand out to their family and friends. Every time a card is used, a percentage of the profit is given to FCCLA, which we then use for the club expenses.
Our chapter's officers currently run an Instagram page, a Twitter page, and a Facebook page. We ask that all members follow each account so they can be updated on upcoming events and reminisce on fun memories!
Project Identification
Brooke Haney
Athens High School FCCLA
Athens High School
Southern Region
Chapter in Review Portfolio
"Discover Your Voice With FCCLA"
Selling cookbooks is a very effective and convenient fundraiser because they have already been produced, and they are very popular.
Krispy Kreme donuts is the most productive fundraiser we do. We can't deny it works! We get to set our own price for the donuts; $3 of the profit is given back to Krispy Kreme, and the rest we use to help pay for state conference.
Prescription for Healthy Living- Paige's book

Families First- the Haven

Golden Chapter- 8/10 possible

Champion Chapter

No Kid Hungry- Full Tummy Project

This year, our school's clubs partnered together to collect items for the Full Tummy Project. 7,000 items were collected and packed. FCCLA was responsible for bringing in juice boxes. This was a very successful event.
This year we have nine members competing in Star Events at Nationals. Out of the twelve members that competed at state, none received lower than a silver medal on their project.
Chicken Cook-off
We also received proclamations from the superintendent of Athens City Schools and the governor of Alabama.
Due to bad weather and snow, we were out of school for three days during FCCLA week.
Athens High School also hosted the annual Chicken Cook-Off. One of our chapter's officers and a former state officer, Rachel Carter, competed in this cook off. She won third place and $30 with her Chicken Tortilla Casserole.
Members also receive points for dressing up to support our Golden Eagles. For homecoming week, the cheerleaders encourage the student body to participate in dressing up for a certain theme each day of the week to support the team!
Homecoming Week
The Haven
Kaylee Lash and Natalie Phipps made up a game for the kids at the Haven called "Annie Apple Candy Land". The game goes along the lines of the popular game "CandyLand". When each child finished the game, they received an apple for making good choices along the path to the finish line. The kids were very excited about the game and even asked for more apples!
Paige Parker, Rebecca Frye, and Baylee Carroll are three of our chapter's officers. They did a project about eating healthy called "Annie Apple". It is a story about an apple and a candy bar that race to the finish line, and the apple wins. The story is supposed to encourage the children to eat healthy.
Chapter Service Project
The News Courier of Athens has been very supportive in helping to recognize Athens High FCCLA. We were recognized for the beef cook off, and Rachel Carter was recognized as a state officer.
Our chapter received a proclamation from the mayor of Athens in supporting Rachel as she goes to state conference.
Evidence of Online Project Summary Submission
Each member must sell 5 monogrammed items or cookbooks. The money from these 5 items go to the club. Every member is allowed to sell as many items as they want. When they sell more than 5 items, the money from each extra item goes toward paying for state conference.
Remind 101
Three of our senior members received FCCLA cords for their outstanding leadership and community service throughout the school year.
(The cords were red

white, of course.)
In addition to fundraising for club activities, we also do fundraisers to help raise money for our members who are competing in STAR Events at National Conference. This year we have nine members competing at Nationals. We needed to raise approximately $10,000 to cover every member's expenses.
Chapter Resource Development (Cont.)
When we do fundraiser's for State and National Conference, sometimes we end up raising more money than is needed. The extra money goes toward our FCCLA activities for the next school year.
The biggest fundraiser we did was sponsorship t-shirts. We explained to local companies what FCCLA was and what we were planning to do at National conference. We asked if they could support our trip by buying an ad on our travel t-shirt. We wear these tshirts to other fundraising events such as our spirit nights. We also plan to wear these shirts traveling to and from Texas.
We also have "spirit nights" at Chick-fil-a and a local frozen yogurt shop. A portion of each purchase made is given to FCCLA during certain hours of the planned date.
Arctic Chill
Athens, AL
School Year

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