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The History of Instructional Technology

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Crystal Hawkins

on 13 September 2014

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Transcript of The History of Instructional Technology

Prior to 1800
Cunerform Writing
-an early form of writing used by people living in the ancient Middle East

First Printing Press - 1455
-Johannes Gutenberg invented the first metal movable type printing press
-This technology allowed for books to be printed

First Public School - 1635
-The Boston Latin School was the first public school opened for boys of a
higher social class to prepare them for positions in the church or govt.
Telegraph - 1843
-Samuel Morse invented the long distance electric telegraph line. This
communication line was later used for education purposes.

Phonograph - 1877
-Thomas Edison created the phonograph for recording and playback of audio. This later became an integral part of the classroom instruction.

Motion Picture - 1877
-Eadweard Maybridge created high speed photography known as motion picture.

School Musuem - 1905
-The first school museum opened in St. Louis. Visual instruction material included photographs, maps & charts.
The Keystone View Company - 1908
-Published books for teachers as a guide to incorporate slides and sterographs.
Motion Picture - 1910
Motion picture projectors were one of the first devices that were available for educational use in schools. A catalog of instructional films were published.
Radios with Tuners - 1916
-The first radio with tuners for receiving multiple radio stations.
The radio was thought to be the tool that revolutionized education.

Audiovisual Instructional Movement

Department of Visual Instruction - 1932
-The professional organiztions joined to form DVI later called the Association for Educational Communities and Technology.
Television - 1930
-The United States transmits it's first television. Scheduled television broadcasts begin airing.
Educational Programming - 1952
-The FCC set aside 242 channels to be used for educational or instructional purposes.
Robert Gagne - 1940
-Main psychologist developing improved training materials for the military during WWI. His theories continue to be a driving force in Educational Design. Main theme was how to integrate machine and humans into an operationa system.
B. F. Skinner - 1953
-Published "Science and Human Behavior". His theory on behaviorism has had a major impact on learning theory in American education.
Glaser and Silvern - 1960
-Used terms like instructional design, systematic instruction and instructional system to describe their instructional modles
1950's - 1960's Technology
Computers - 1950
-Although computer had been around for several years, computers now were being used for educational purposes.
Sputnik - 1957
-Soviet launched first orbiting satellite. This sparked a renewed interest in the fields of science and math education in America.
Computer Aided Instruction - 1960
-Led to the first applications of using computer assisted instruction in public schools and univerisities
Arpanet - 1969
-The U. S. govt. (Adv Research Projects Agency) creates the first version of the internet. They were able to connect four computers over a large distance.

1970's-1980's Technology
Apple 1 - 1976
-The first home computer sold to the general public.
Dick and Carey - 1978
-Published "The Systematic Design of Instruction" which influenced the instructional design community with their model of instructional design.
IBM PC - 1981
-IBM creates and sells it first computer.
Apple MacIntosh - 1984
-Apple releases its Apple McIntosh home computer.


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The History of Instructional Technology
Crystal L. Hawkins

1990 - 2000
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