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The Internet of Things/Everything

No description

Allison Williams

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of The Internet of Things/Everything

The Internet of Things/Everything
Internet of Things
– enables automatic transfer of various data through networks without human interaction
– people, animals, and any natural or man-made object provided with a unique identifier

Consumer IoT
76% of survey respondents

do not trust
businesses to secure data and not sell to unauthorized third parties
59% are still willing
to digitally connect

Health Care
Constant Data Flow
Keeps patients out of hospitals
Turn from reactive to proactive
The Future of IoT
“…we would be able to track and count everything and greatly reduce waste, loss and cost. We would know when things needed replacing, repairing or recalling and whether they were fresh or past their best.”
– Kevin Ashton

Unique Features
Predicted size of future market
Ability to encompass all other kinds of tech
IoT encompasses entire world

Smart Home
Smart City
“Pretty soon you’d rather be seen dead than with a waffle iron that doesn’t have its own email account….”

Sensor fueled analytics
Real Time Data
Expansion Areas:
Fan Experience
Impartial Refs
Coaching Data

The Connected Athlete
"Studies have shown that up to 40% of IV starts require multiple attempts to locate and access a vein, which not only wastes valuable nursing time but also delays therapy and causes patient discomfort and dissatisfaction"

Smart Home Gateways
Potential Problems
Societal Challenges
Network Technology
Software Application
Business Challenges
Thank you!
Any Questions?

-What is the Internet of Things?
-Major Applications
Consumer Products
-Internet of Things in the Future
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