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Welcome to First Grade Curriculum Night

No description

Jessica Colella

on 27 August 2018

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Transcript of Welcome to First Grade Curriculum Night

Welcome to First Grade Curriculum Night

First Grade Philosophy
* We believe each child is unique and we recognize the importance of individual differences

* We believe in the dignity and worth of each person

* We believe each child can become an independent, creative thinker

* We believe a love of learning is essential to lifelong learning
Math Instruction
Measurement and Data

Operations and Algebraic Thinking

Number and Operations in Base Ten


Physical Science: Light and Sound
- The movement of light and sound

Earth Science: Air and Weather
-Explore the Earth's atmosphere and patterns of objects in the sky

Life Science: Plant and Animal Survival
-Investigation of how plants and animals survive in their natural habitat
Special Area Classes
* Students go to gym, music, and art class for 60 minutes per week

* Students receive 90 minutes of Spanish instruction per week.

* Students go to the library for book check out and instruction for 30 minutes a week.
Common Core State Standards
* The Council of Chief State School Officers and The National Governors Association Center for Best Practices
* Fewer, clearer, and higher, to best drive effective policy and practice.

* Aligned with college and work expectations, so that all students are prepared for success upon graduating from high school.

*Inclusive of rigorous content and application of knowledge through high-order skills, so that all students are prepared for the 21st century.

*Internationally benchmarked, so that all students are prepared for succeeding in our global economy and society, and

*Research and evidence-based

First Grade Curriculum Includes...
*McGraw Hill Treasures/Heggerty

*Lucy Calkins Reading Units of Study

*Eureka Math

*Foss Science

*Handwriting Without Tears

*Houghton Mifflin Social Studies

*Second Step

*Lucy Calkins Writing Units of Study

*Special Area Classes
Language Arts
Balanced Literacy Approach
* Read alouds
*Shared reading
*Guided reading
*Independent reading

Instruction Focus
Phonemic Awareness
Handwriting Without Tears
*Developmentally based curriculum for writing readiness and printing

*Uses methods and materials that appeal to all learning styles - visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic

*Helps to eliminate problems with letter formation, reversals, and legibility
Social Studies
* People Everywhere

*Where We Live

* World of Work

* Everything Changes

* Good Citizens
Second Step
* Empathy Training

* Impulse Control

* Anger Management
Fun Things in First Grade
* First Grade Play

* Field Trips

* Student of the Week

* Guest Reader
Birthdays in First Grade
* Parents are invited to come in to the class to read a story and may choose to donate the story to the classroom library.

* The birthday child will wear a birthday crown and pick a special game to play.

* Food is not a part of birthday celebrations in first grade.
Holmes School Has 3 Rules
* Be Respectful

* Be Responsible

* Be Safe
* Home/school folders must come to and from school each night.

* Homework expectations vary from classroom to classroom. Your child's classroom teacher will give additional information regarding their policy.

*Math homework will go home on the day that instruction is given and must be returned the following day.

Supporting Your Child's Learning
* Visit the classroom website or read the classroom newsletter and use it as a way to talk to your child about school.

* Use homework activities as a fun way to share learning.

* Read with your child.

* Foster your child's independence and responsibility.
Lucy Calkins Writing Units of Study
*Workshop model

*Lesson Components
-Active Engagement
Snacks at Holmes
For the health and safety of our students, District 97 is implementing the following guidelines

*Nuts and nut products are not allowed in any classroom. This includes products that are labeled " processed in a facility that shares equipment with nut products."

* Do not send nuts or nut products as a snack.

*There is no food sharing between students at any time during the school day.

*There is no eating or drinking on school buses.

*There is no eating in outside play areas.

**At Holmes we require all
snacks to come with
ingredient labels**
The New District 97
Report Card
* User-friendly for families, students, and teachers

* Far fewer reporting standards for ELA and Math

*Fewer behaviors supporting learning; measured on a 3/2/1 scale

*Shortened descriptors
- M (meets)
- E (excels)
- P (progressing)
- N (not yet)

*More information at a fall PTO meeting
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