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Western Virginia & the American Revolution (Ch 9)

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Jessica Abshire

on 30 October 2017

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Transcript of Western Virginia & the American Revolution (Ch 9)

Western Virginia & the American Revolution
Fort Henry
Location: Near Wheeling

Events: Settlers were warned of possible Native American attack (attack encouraged by British). 300-400 Native Americans placed the fort under seige (surrounded to prevent supplies from reaching those inside so that they could capture fort). When the Native Americans were unable to draw the settlers outside of the fort, the Native Americans & the British destroyed the surrounding town & left.

McCulloch's Leap.
Fort Randolph - The Death of Cornstalk
Location: Near Point Pleasant

Events: Chief Cornstalk & Chief Red Hawk went to the fort to warn of a possible attack - taken prisoner. Cornstalk's son went to fort to find father & was taken prisoner too when soldiers were attacked by Native Americans while hunting. Soldiers accused Cornstalk's son, Elinipsico, of bringing warriors with him & demanded that all three prisoners be killed. Native Americas vowed REVENGE when they heard of Cornstalk's death.

2,000 Native Americans besieged the fort for a week before leaving
Fort Donnally
Location: Greenbrier Valley

Events: Settlers warned of the impending attack. Settlers gathered in the house of Colonel Andrew Donnally. Native Americans attacked at dawn while settlers were sleeping. Settlers defended stockade during attack. Captain Arbuckle arrived with a company of 60 men and the Native Americans fled.
Fort Henry (...again)
Location: Near Wheeling (5 years after first battle at Fort Henry)

Events: 40 Brit soldiers and 238 Native Americans attack fort - majority of fort's defenders are women & children. Elizabeth Zane risked her life to get gunpowder when supply was low. Able to drive off fort's attackers.

*Occurred 1 year after Cornwallis
surrendered at Yorktown &
Revolutionary War ended.
End of the War
Treaty of Paris of 1783 formally ended American Revolution. British agreed to abandon their forts in the West &, in return, American government told the British they would repay money America owed Great Britain.
Organizing an Army
What caused the American Revolution?

George Washington chosen by Continental Congress to lead the new American army.

Washington especially wanted men from west of the Alleghenies - remembered his experiences during the French & Indian War & said ten soldiers from the west were worth one hundred British soldiers.
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