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The California Gold Rush and The Transcontinental Railroad

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Arletha Saint-Jean

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of The California Gold Rush and The Transcontinental Railroad

The California Gold Rush and The Transcontinental Railroad
The California Gold Rush
The California Gold rush was a significant event in the US. At Sutters Mill, John Marshal discovered gold, and after word spread, thousands of people migrated to California. San Fransisco, a small village
The Califronia Gold Rush
What Happened
On January 24 1848, James Marshall found a gold nugget while working at Sutters Mill on the Aerican River. As word spread, about 300,000 people traveled to California in hopes of finding gold and earn a
Who was involved
American settlers traveled to Califronia during the Gold rush in hoopes of becoming wealthy. These gold-seekers were called forty-niners and spent their days mining for gold.
The California Gold Rush
Where it took place
The gold rush took place in California on and near the American River. Sutters Mill was the first place for gold to be found
When it took Place
The California Gold rush lasted from 1848-1855
The California Gold Rush
How it happened
Why it happend
Durning the glod rush alot of people came from the east in search of gold. They made covered wagons and traveed to California. This trail was called the Cliaforna trail and took 3-6 months to pass.
The gold rush started when a man named James Marshall found Gold while examinig a channel. He saw a shiny object and when he looked closer he realized it was gold. Soon news spread casuing the gold Rush.
The Trancontinental Railroad
The Transcontinental Railroad formally know as the Pacific railroad was built to connect the west and east part of th Unites States. To pay for it the government sold federal lands. Two companies helped to build the
The Transcontinental railroad
Who was involved
What happened
Theodore Judah (Crazy Judah) is known for being the father of the Central Union becasue he solved one of the biggest problems of taveling over the mountains. Greenville Dodge was also part of the railroad becasue he was the cheif of the Pacific Union. Together the two companies built the railroad starting on opposite sides of the country.

After the ideas of the railroad came to be in 1830. Two comapnesd decided to have cometition to see who would comlete their task first. ( Union vs. Central )
Tranconintental Railroad
When did it take place
Where did it take place
The railroad started in 1863 and ended on May 10 1869.
The railroad started from Sacramento, Califronia and ends in Council Bluff, Iwoa.
Transcontinental Railroad
The Cental Pacific began building the railroad east starting from Sacramento, Califronia, and the Union Pacific built west from Omaha, Nebraska. To build through mountains, the use of nitroglycerin was required to break through rock. Nitroglycerin was very explosive and killed many people. They also had to build through tough terrain and harsh weather.
Significance of The Railroad
The Trascontinental Railroad resulted in a trasportation system that cut the travel time across the country from six months to six days. People baegan migrating to and across the U.S. due to the railroad. The railroad also influenced the first catalog to sell products to people all over the country.
The Transcontinental Railroad was built to provide a fast way of transportation across the country. It connected the west to the east, and cut the travel time across the country from six months to six days. Goods could be imported faster and people could get across the country in six days.
Essential Question
What obstacles did they face when building the Transcontinental Railroad?
Esential Question
How was life before the Gold Rush in California, and how did California grow after the Gold Rush?
Gold Rush
"The accounts of the abundance of gold in that territory are of such an extraordinary character as would scarcely command belief were they not corroborated by the authentic reports of officers in the public service...The explorations already made warrant the belief that the supply is very large and that gold is found at various places in an extensive district of country." - James K
- Samuel Brannan
"California presented to people a new model for the American dream—one where the emphasis was on the ability to take risks, the willingness to gamble on the future.
Significance of The Gold Rush
After the California Gold Rush came to an end, several small towns had become major cities in California. California became a popular destination, population increased, and roads, steamships, and railroads were built. Despite being California is one of the biggest and most populated states in the US

"The road must be built, and you are the man to do it. Take hold of it yourself. By building the Union Pacific, you will be the remembered man of your generation."

- President Abraham Lincoln

United States History: Independence to 1914. Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 2006; ISBN 0-03-041228-5, 978-0-03-041228-8
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