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Author's Craft

No description

Jeff Strayer

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Author's Craft

Author's Craft
By: Anthony Matarazzi

Jackie & Me
Dan Gutman
Author's Craft #3
Humor Joe will make jokes from 2008 back in the old times like 1934 jokes they did not understand.
Author's Craft #2
Suspense to getting home. See Joe Stoshack the main character has a special power that when he touches a baseball card from let's say 1962 he would travel back in time to that year and see the player that is on the baseball card
Sports Legends history

Author's craft #1

Jackie Robinson

Author's Craft #4
History that is very accurate.
Segregation as you probably know Jackie Robinson was a African-American back in 1932 it was hard for African-Americans and in the story people would send Jackie death threats, Pitchers would throw the baseball's at Jackie's head and so on.
Author's Craft # 5 Very Detailed Writing With Most Parts. In the story he will give so much detail like he'll tell you the entire landscape all of the color's smells, people, cars, shop's everything.
Author's Craft # 6
The story of Jackie & Me has a part in it that gives you a emotion Jackie did not have a-lot of money because he was a African-American people did not get a-lot of the things they needed like money, food, water, a house even. But Jackie was low on money and had two kids really he did Jackie Jr. And Sharon Robinson he did not have money he said that his kids are going to be taken away if he does not pay up for some things quote from Jackie ''(I need my kids they are the only thing i have left)'' that actually made me a little sad.
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