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No description

collin stout

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of mmkkkk

The Ocean
in the open ocean you will find creatures know to man and beautiful fish's. But lurks in the bottom is the...
Twilight zone
You well find ugly fish such as angler fish and the
hatchetfish . In order to survive here and not get eaten
they blend in colors red or black
Danger of the Twilightzone
Dangers of the twilight zone
There are many dangers of the ocean one is the pressure. Pressures there can get to one bulldozer per square inch of your body.
The Zones
The sunlit zone only go's from the surface of the ocean to 650 feet deep thats were we dive, swim and play. If we go deeper you would find the twilight zone witch is from 650 feet to 3,330.
What does twilight mean
The word twilight come from a greek saying meaning little light. that is why we call that
Quiz time
what does twilight mean. how deep is the twilight zone . whats one of the dangers. name one fish that lives in the twilight zone
Thank for wach have a good day
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