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Presentation ITP Loop

No description

verity tasker

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Presentation ITP Loop

By Verity Tasker
11377518 Integration of Social Work
Theory and Practice Introduction Mihi
Purpose of this presentation
ITP Loop Model which consists of four main elements including; retrieval, reflection, linkage and professional response. Underpinning these will include Psychosocial, Organisational, Interactive and Contextual aspects.
Cholmondeley Purpose
Confidentiality Retrieval
Before I met her, i knew her:
Age, Gender, ethnicity, family
background, complaining of a sore
stomach. Reflection Assumption: I had the assumption before i met Katy that she was complaining about a sore stomach for attention.
Experience: My younger sister has had an issue of constantly having a sore stomach - which was anxiety and worry based.
Awareness: Had to make sure i didn't treat Katy like my little sister
even if the issue is similar Te Whare Tapu Wha Linkage Social work Process Linkage Cholmondeley Values:
"Value Our Children"
Children's best interest
Personal Values:
Honesty, Acceptance, non-judgemental attitude Professional Response After Discovering that she wasn't doing it for attention and that she does have anxiety issues which started at the time of the earthquake and constant worry has resulted in this pain,
After discussing her at Clinical
a referral was made to Whakatata
house and counselling
support for her mother
was offered Learning Gained Personal Learning:
I am now far more aware of the assumptions I make before meeting people.
Cholmondeley's Learning:
A reminder that
Instead of thinking that a
child is acting out, that there could be something deeper. Which is putting
reflective practice in
Conclusion Te Whare Tapu Wha, for me is a good model to use when looking holistically at a client.
Social Work process is good to know and use.
I feel the ITP Loop Model was good to use to reflect on a case to break it down and gain further understanding of it.
Thanks for your time Reference Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Social Workers. (2012). Social Work Practice. Retrieved October 10th, 2012, from; http://anzasw.org.nz/social_ work_practice/topics/show/159-anzasw-practice-standards

Bogo, M & Vayda, E., (1998). The practice of field instruction in Social Work: Theory and process 2nd ed. University of Toronto.

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