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Undocumented Immigrants

No description

Frank Alfaro

on 30 October 2017

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Transcript of Undocumented Immigrants

Partake in daily purchases of American goods
How Undocumented Immigrants contribute to tax revenues?
Mr. Sutton
Ms. Vlasses
Ms. Vargas
College Track Tutor - Jennifer Alcaraz
My awesome audience for listening to my presentation.
Undocumented Immigrants are beneficial to the U.S. economy.

I say this because
they facilitate higher paid/skilled jobs for natives
contribute to tax revenues
partake in daily purchases of American goods.
In what way do Undocumented Immigrants partake in purchases of American goods?
Immigrants going on shopping sprees and spending their income on American goods and services, leads to the productivity of the United States business.
Why I Chose This Topic
Make people aware about Undocumented Immigrants
My Senior Project
Counter Argument
Some might argue that Undocumented Immigrants are a threat to the U.S economy, and see them as people that come to the U.S to take advantage of native born people by taking their jobs away.
Research Question
How do Undocumented Immigrants impact the United States economy?
By : Frank A. Alfaro
Primary Adviser: Mr. Sutton
Secondary Adviser: Ms. Vlasses
Low level jobs such as maids, housekeeper, butchers, ground maintenance workers, and construction workers are jobs that are occupied mainly by undocumented immigrants, which help by leaving the skilled jobs to natives.
To learn what It takes for someone Undocumented to be able to come into the United States
How do Undocumented Immigrants impact the U.S. economy in a positive way?
Facilitate higher paid/skilled jobs for native born people
How Undocumented Immigrants facilitate?
According to the article by CNN Money "the availability of lower wage labor helps create more work for the higher skilled, higher paid workers who are generally native born."
Contribute to tax revenues
Contribution of immigrants paying taxes allows wealth to be distributed, leading to the creation of jobs.
According to the article, The Real Problem with Immigration and the Real Solution by Tim Kane, Ph.D and Kirk Johnson, Ph.D indicate "...immigrant families have a positive net fiscal impact on the U.S, adding eighty eight thousand dollars more in tax revenues than they consume in services."
According to the article, Illegal Immigrants in California", it says, "that immigrants contribute to the economy through daily purchases."
Also because I come from a background of Undocumented parents
In reality Undocumented Immigrants are not a threat to the United States economy. They actually have a positive impact.
As many say "American Jobs" are being occupied by Undocumented Immigrants leaving native born people without jobs. Everyone knows that there is no such thing classified as "American Jobs" also Undocumented Immigrant and native born people are not going to compete for the same job.
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