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Exploring Business Purposes

Functional areas in Business

Ben Whittingham

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Exploring Business Purposes

Double click anywhere & add an idea Exploring Business Purposes Objectives Recap previous weeks Introduce the idea of Functional areas in business Discuss the kind of functions that exist in most businesses Starter On a piece of paper write as many words
from this unit as you can remember Now turn the paper over Last teaching lesson What is the difference between an aim and an objective? What could the aims of a business be? Group Activity 3 groups - one being public sector, one being private sector and another being voluntary sector. In your groups come up with at least 2 aims and 3 objectives for your given sector After 5 minutes I will chose one person from each group to move to a different group where they must explain the aims and objectives their group has come up with.

The groups need to then explain back to the individuals what aims and objectives might exist in their sector.

After 3 minutes the envoy needs to move to the final group and repeat the process What is a mission statement? explains the main purpose of the business and the activities it is doing to achieve this. Many include the organisation's aims and objectives How would the mission statement be different for private, public or voluntary organisations? To be the world’s mobile communications leader – enriching customer’s lives, helping individuals, businesses and communities be more connected in a mobile world
(VODAFONE) To see 50 million people released from material and spiritual poverty through a worldwide network of 100,000 local churches

(Tearfund) Our mission is to ensure that the council's money is spent wisely, in accordance with the Council's priorities and sound financial management principles, in a reliable, professional and customer focused way. (Barking and Dagenham Council, Finance dept.) What is a business function? All businesses have a number of key tasks or functions that must be done regularly Suggest the key functions that are carried out in Barking College All of these functions can be split into areas Functional area relates to a person, area or department responsible for a particular business function Why? Distribution To ensure that all important business activities are carried out efficiently. This is essential if the business is to achieve its aims and objectives. In addition, specific areas will be responsible for supporting specific types of aims and objectives
will be involved in achieving targets linked to developing new markets or increasing sales will be involved in arranging staff training activities and supporting the continuous professional development of all staff will be expected to monitor and support aims and objectives linked to keeping costs low to improve profitability Will be set targets relating to quality or meeting planned production schedules Summary Everyone tell me something they either now feel more comfortable with or have learnt new that they didn't know before Private companies mention customers, employees, the cost of their products or value for money Public companies mention the service they provide and the work they do as well as statements on quality, efficiency and customer service Voluntary organisations focus on services, causes they support or their aims in helping What are the main differences between private, public and voluntary organisations? What are the similarities? Start writing a mission statement for one of the sectors
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