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Saving the Sea Turtles

No description

Joseph Kloeker

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Saving the Sea Turtles

Saving the Sea Turtles Thesis Solution Sea Turtles are dying. No tourism untill all of the eggs are hatched. Advantages 1. There will be more sea turtles.
2. They will have more habitats.
3. They will go off the endangered species list.
4. More tourists will come to see the turtles.
5. There will be more sea turtles for people to eat which will help solve world hunger.
6. Make more jobs because people will have to watch the eggs. Consequences No tourism in the summer.
Hurts the local tourism based economy until eggs hatch.
With higher numbers more people will hunt them. Why is it satire??? Our solution is satire because if there is no tourism till the eggs hatch then the only time to go to the beach is when its winter and because there are not beaches everywhere there is tourism. Another reason it is satire is theat it is suggesting we eat sea turtles to stop world hunger. dfffff fffffff
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