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No description

peter richards

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of ACNU

A Declension of Urban Settlement Types Urban Settlement Types Western Sydney TODs Urban Centres Types Destination/Arrival Catchment
250 metres, three minute walk Primary Catchment
250 -400 metres, 3-5 minute walk Secondary Catchment
400 -800 metres, 3-5 minute walk peter@deickerichards.com.au
day 1, intros, briefings, talks, site visits, form teams, first design session, dinner, pinup wine, crit, more wine, more crit, day 2, briefings, talks on drawings, team design, food, team design, pinup, crit, wine, bollocking, wine, day 3, briefing design rationale and expectations for final pinup, draw, colour, sketchup, draw, ppt (no prezi), final presentation, photos and pandas!
Masterclass Woodville Elizabeth urban designers look for patterns to reveal commomn organising principles of types measure and analyse conceptual tools to understand urbanism work for DIP still in draft, but being tested with projects
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