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Spanish as a Global Language

No description

Chantal Walsh

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Spanish as a Global Language

Spanish as a Global Language
Where it all began...
Location 3
Spanish in the US
- Assimilation and technology: Peter Smith (1998)
- Cultural Identity
- Nationalism vs. Globalization
- Spanish as a nation building role
- Mar-Molienero (2002): Immigrants
Latin America
- Columbus 1492
- Spanish conquerors
-Spanish and Latin from
Christian Missionaries
- Mix of introduced
languages and existing
Equatorial Guinea
5000 years ago...
4th C. BC
- Latin used
- End 4th C. BC: Visigoths
- Islamic Invasion 711 AD
- Moors Invade
- Capture of Toledo 1085
- Ferdinand and Isabella
-Alfonso X 13th C. AD

Christopher Columbus Voyage: 1492
- 93 million
- Indigenous Languages still exist
- Stewart: Proficiency (1999)
"Migrants can and do create meaningful communities within a transnational context, and that a central process by which they do so is through negotiating settlements on the limits to membership, and by creating institutions and practices that manifest that membership, and foster the imagination of a communal identity.” (Smith 1998)
Global vs World Language
- Is Spanish global or world?
- Number of speakers not adequate
- Academic writings differ in definition
- Kachru's Concentric Circles (1985)
Inner= mother tongue
Outer= learnt at young age &
highly competent
Expanding= learners at older age
Kachru's Concentric Cirlces (1985)
Spanish Communication

- Scientific, Academic or Technological
- International audiences
- Trend still in English for publication (including online publication)
-Macros Martin Study (2000)
Spanish E-Commerce (Barbara Walters, 2000)
and the Internet

-44% of world's population speak another language at home

- Spanish trails English, German, Japanese, Chinese but IS

- Spanish represents 1/4 of the 56 mil. who speak another language than English on the Internet

Victor Garcia de la Concha - Director of the Royal Spanish Academy
“We have a language that is extraordinarily unified and connected, and this is a huge strength that contributes to its growth.” (2007)
Altered to cope with fields of Knowledge (Clyne, 1992)
Other countries such as France have more countries using it as its official language
Less Economic value as some other languages (Stewart, 1999)
High Cultural Value
- 720,000 population (2011)
- Spanish official language
- 1990's -> French for
geopolitical reasons (OIL)
- Lipski states "undergoing a death"
- Few proficient speakers under 40
- Never trade or church language
- Brought from Mexico
- Was compulsory
Spanish on the Supranational Level

- UN, UNESCO, WHO, NATO trend to Enlgish and French
- Increase in online translation
- Pan America Health and International Organisation of
- EU = English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch
- 1986 and 1998: Spain boycotts works of Union after German
seen as 3rd language.
Spanish wanted to use either the two, six or all languages
Future of Spanish

- lays in the Promotion of Spanish and possibilities of growth
- Spanish's Educational and cultural domains
- Instituto Cervantes states "first foreign language in US"
- Still far behind but its density location important (US)
Threat of English?
Who should be best candidate for Global language?
Rise of Spanish cultural interest? (Pountain)
What rules out a language having global language potential?
What languages do you believe hold the greatest potential in regards to global language?
What Is a Global language?
Based on David Crystal (1997) and David Graddol (1997)

– What is the present and future size of the speech community?
– Who speaks the language? Is it spoken by second and foreign language
speakers as well as mother tongue speakers?
– What is the political/legal status of the language in the countries where it is
spoken? Are there active language planning activities?
– What is the political/economic status of the countries where the language
is spoken?
– What is the economic power of the language and its users?
– What presence does it have in scientific/academic and technological uses
– How is it maintained and promoted through the education system, the
media and other cultural outputs?
– How positive are attitudes towards the language?
(Mar-Molinero, 2004)
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