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Monday, April 23, 2452

No description

Matthew Amankonah

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Monday, April 23, 2452

II.i.20-45, 80-120
Monday, April 23, 2452
By: Ava Cross, Sophia Moinzadeh, Griffin Hollingsworth & Matt Amankonah
by: Matthew & Ava
Metaphor/Simile Identification

The comparison that the metaphor is making is that the sails on the ocean that are being carried by the wind looked like the mother's belly which kept getting bigger and bigger. The metaphor increased the understanding of the group of the characters and group because we can more understand why Titania doesn't want to give Oberon the baby.

The major reason is that Titania loved the time that she and the mother spent together so she felt like she had to take care of the baby and raise them just like the mother would have and knows Oberon would only make the boy his servant. That is why she feels a particular bond with the boy

Titania and Oberon take Miami!

(Free s&h)
By: Griffin Hollingsworth
10 Literary Elements
By: Ava Cross, Griffin Hollingsworth, & Matt A
Revel-royal entertainment
wanton-maliciously, unjustifiably
jest-a joke or ridicule
lurk-to sneak, to creep, and stay hidden
knavish-untrustworthy, dishonest

by Matthew
Corin & Phyllida: Ava Cross
Neptune: Sophia Moinzadeh
Amazons: Griffin Hollingsworth
Ariadne: Matt A
By: Sophia Moinzadeh
Non-fiction Article Analysis
1.) How do both Robin & Oberon express a desire to control others?
A: Robin plays tricks on others and Oberon wants to control Titania to take the Indian boy.

2.) What do we learn about Puck's personality?
A: We learn that he is mischievous and that he likes to prank others.

3.) Oberon says that Titania can make things right by doing what?
A: Titania can make things right by giving Oberon the Indian boy.

4.) Why won't Titania give Oberon what he wants?
A: She wants the Indian boy to herself to use as a servant.
Comprehension Questions

By: Ava, Sophia, Griffin, and Matt A
Track Theme
By: Ava, Sophia, Griffin, and Matt A
By: Griffin & Matt A
Text to Film Comparison
By: Matt A
I think that the words Oberon, Titania, and puck come up the most because they are the main characters in our scene, And words like Indian Boy and Fairies come up a lot but not as much as Oberon or Titania.
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