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elderly limited mobility

No description


on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of elderly limited mobility

why i choose this topic
i choose this topic because all the elderly need to be more carfull for thereselfs . so i decided to make a new invention for elderly.
What I Invented
my invention is called the best helper for elderly people this helps elderly limited mobility coming on next .
My invention why it helps elderly/.
Think it this way when you're elderly you cant reach things like high medicine cabinets . know look at my way of seeing the things . its this elderly that controls a drone with his phone ios or Samsung it can work any way . know the drone has tape taped to it .and the medicine has Velcro so there would stick together . this invention helps elderly to not risk there lives to get medicine.

How it Works
this invention works by a sensor of the phone that vibrates and the drone responses . to make this drone work you need to have a app called free flight 3.

this is where i got the citation for this photo.
Elderly Limited Mobility
drones are flying vehicles that have 4 propellers . that help eatable the drone .drones are a invention that could be dangerous or that could be help you . There is a drone that is a ambulance that helps 8% to 80%. this drone helped allot .
oi [
Do you think this invention really helps elderly ? comment below
Materials Used
I used:

jar of Medicine that's empty

Extra Information
in my invention there would be a sensor to identify the bar code could see with medicine hes going to attach to .
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