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Salem Witch Trials vs. The Holocaust

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riley loomis

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of Salem Witch Trials vs. The Holocaust

Salem Witch Hunt vs. The Holocaust
~A modern day Witch Hunt that can relate to the Salem Witch Hunt and the Crucible due to condemnation of members of society, instinctual prejudice, estrangement of members of society, and mass hysteria, is the Holocaust.

Estrangement Members of Society
To estrange members in society means to push people in society out of it. In the Salem Witch Trials, the people in society pushed the Witches out, and even pushed away the women and men they felt were going to be witches, so that they could look more like witches. In the Holocaust, the Jews were pushed out of society and because of that, they looked more suspicious to the human race.
Mass Hysteria
The definition of Mass Hysteria is a condition in which a large group of people exhibit the same state of violent mental agitation. In the Salem Witch Trials, problems started with a group of girls blaming other women of being witches. They would scream at the sight of certain women, and would make up stories on spot to make them look like witches. In the Holocaust, Jews were seen as "demons on Earth," and Hitler wanted to get them out of society.
Suspicion - The People
The people who were involved in the Holocaust and Salem Witch Trials were tormented, were alienated for different reason. In the Holocaust, Jews were not the only people killed during the time period. But in the Salem Witch Trials, all who were accused of Witch Craft were chosen for reason that all had to do with revenge, or suspicion.
Instinctual Prejudice and Encouraging Condemnation on those who may be different were most definitely similarities between the Holocaust and the Salem Witch Trials. Both the Holocaust and Salem Witch Trials punished and alienated the people they believed were different and embodied the Devil. In both the Holocaust and Salem Witch Trials, the hatred towards the specific groups of people were not a new thing, when the time came. Jew hatred was world wide, and witches were a hysteria starting in England.

Jew-hatred had been a part of the worlds society for years, because of their different religious beliefs. The Jews were not the normal Christians that most people in the world were, therefore, Hitler took anti-Semitic ideas and made them his own, and he took over the Jews and their lives because they were different.
Instinctual Prejudice
"Origin & Result"
Salem Witch Trials:
In the Salem Witch trials, the witch theories originated in London. But the Salem Witch Trials took the witch hunting to a whole new level. The women who were blamed for witch craft were the people who were different in society. For example, widowed women were easy targets to blame for witchery due to the fact that they didn't have a husband to defend them.
Jew were always hated in society. But it was once Adolf Hitler came up with the idea of a "perfect" race, did the Jews start being killed. At first, Nazi's banished Jews from society, this was just like how witches were rejected by society. Germans also believed that the Jews were "an alien threat to the so called German racial community." This would explain why Hitler wanted to get rid of them,so that they wouldn't harm and reproduce with the German race.
~ Arbeit Macht Frei means "work makes (you) free"
Holocaust Example
Margaret Scott
Born in England, and raised in America by her parents, Margret Scott married a poor tenant farmer, and had seven children. Only three survived, and her husband died soon after. She was forced to beg her neighbors, and on the street in order to survive. This made her disliked in society, and is believed to be the reason why is she was accused. At her trial, witnesses accused her of pinching them and harming them, she was found guilty and hanged September 1692. The last in the Salem Witch Trials.
Salem Witch Trial Example
Ann Pudeator
The twice widowed mother of six, worked as a midwife and nurse, and inherited property from her second husband. In male dominated colonial New England society, a self-sufficient professional woman was not what the people were used to and comfortably with, and it was not the rightful order of things and that may have made her a target for witchcraft allegations. Her witnesses testimony included a girl claiming she shape shifted into a bird, and the constable's discovery of "curious of various ointments" in her house. Despite her true innocence, she was condemned to death and hanged.
Salem Witch Trial Example:
Jews were condemned and punished for who they were in the Holocaust. They were hunted by the German Nazis, taken from their homes, and stored into concentration camps. They were starved to death, shot, poisoned, or burned alive.
Holocaust Example
Hitler blamed his loss of World War One and for the Economic Crisis that Germany was going through. He used the Jews as a scapegoat, and put them into concentration camps. Adolf Hitler made people believe that Jews were a different kind of race, and that he was supposed to create this special kind of race where only the "perfect" people were born from. As most people know, if you were German, blonde haired, and blue eyes, you were considered perfect to Hitler and you were kept to keep his Utopia alive.
Holocaust Example
In the Salem Witch Hunt, Abigail Williams and a group of teenage girls started blaming other women who they wanted revenge on, for witch craft. This was a prime example of Mass Hysteria. One victim of theirs was...
Alice Parker
The wife of John Parker of Salem, she was arrested in May 1692 after being accused by the same servant, Mary Warren, who also accused John Proctor and his wife. As many people may know, Elizabeth Proctor was blamed of witchery by Abby Williams because she wanted to be with her husband John, who was also, as stated above, accused of witch craft. Alice Parker was accused of “sundry acts of witchcraft", and bringing a poppet to Mary Warren and threatening to kill the girl. Alice Parker was tried in September 1692, and convicted and hanged shortly afterward, next to Ann Pudeator.
Salem Witch Hunt Example
Many different races were put into the concentration camps in the Holocaust.
Jews (primary victims)
African Americans
Each race got a different patch in the camp, and it put them into categories. The patches were instructions to where they were going to work in the camp and when they were going to die.
As a result, almost 6 million men and women died during the Holocaust.
Holocaust Example
All of the women and men accused of Witch Craft were accused due to their neighbor suspicions, or if people wanted revenge on these victims or not. In the Salem Witch Trials, 200 people were accused, but only 19 out of those 200 were actually executed. For example, Elizabeth Howe was accused of witchery by her neighbor, coincidentally after getting into an argument with him. The neighbor blamed the women for causing both their cows and daughter to die. Howe was eventually put to death and hanged.
Salem Witch Trial Example
Work Cited
The heaviest wheel rolls across our foreheads
To bury itself deep somewhere
inside our memories.

We've suffered here more than enough,
Here in this clot of grief and shame,
Wanting a badge of blindness
To be a proof for their own children.

A fourth year of waiting, like standing above a swamp
From which any moment might gush forth a spring.
Meanwhile, the rivers flow another way,
Another way,
Not letting you die, not letting you live.

And the cannons don't scream and the guns don't bark
And you don't see blood here.
Nothing, only silent hunger.
Children steal the bread here and ask and ask and ask
And all would wish to sleep, keep silent, and
just go to sleep again...

The heaviest wheel rolls across our foreheads
To bury itself deep somewhere inside our memories
By a Jewish Prisoner in Terezin Concentration Camp
Final Thoughts
Both the Holocaust and the Salem Witch Trials were deliberate and horrible events that took place in our world's history.

Adolf Hitler and German Nazi's killed millions of innocent people. The Jews and other prisoners were held in these concentration camps, where they awaited their deaths, suffering for years. The Holocaust was ultimately a witch hunt because Hitler and the Nazi's scavenged the Earth to capture these people, that they believed were going to affect their German society. They alienated these people, and eventually killed them.

The Salem Witch Trials was a event in time that peoples suspicions killed 19 innocent people. In 1689, Christian believed that the Devil could give certain people, the power to harm others in return for their loyalty, and this belief took over Salem. Strains became more apparent on society, and tensions grew between different families. Little did the people of Salem know that in 1692, when Elizabeth Parris (9) and Abigail Williams (11) would start a phenomena that would affect their society for many years to come.
Salem Witch Trials
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