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Social Media Presentation


Elie Prudhomme

on 27 April 2011

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Transcript of Social Media Presentation

SORTIR DE LA MASSE gheh SOCIAL MEDIA 2002 2003 2004 2006 Friendster MySpace Facebook Twitter 625 000 000 8% 36 ans 3 300 000 165 000 000 12% Why? Customer Loyalty . Adaptation . Promotion . Recommendation How Be ready 0 strategy = 0 success Sell yourself to sell your products Content = added value Interactivity and virality facebook.com/pages TabPress Tips Promotion Content 2 status update / jour Appointments Team
Business cards
Email signatures
Newsletter Questions
Monday tips
Write your caption
20/80 SOCIAL media Reply and do not delete Tweet
Followers / following
Follow Fridays
socialoomph.com Directories:
finding and being found Tips Local Personalization Promotion Content : added value - 90/10 - regularity Tools "Twitter must retain a tool for your strategy,
not BE your strategy" Not like social media More like a host Contest Promotion Off-line recruitment Facebook landing page Strict terms and condition
No native functions
Optimized presences
An enthusiastic team
A global strategy
Clear objectives
The right KPIs
Interaction SEO
Customer loyalty
Leads Understanding and optimizing visibility on to stand out and generate ROI Interactions Communication Traffic Promotion Community Recruitment Recommendation 1 000 000 000 Listen Enter Participate Measure Improve 5 "Twitter is a river of information,
use it effectively without drowning in it"
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