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What Impact did the Gold Rushes have on Australia?

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Sam McCormack

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of What Impact did the Gold Rushes have on Australia?

What Impact did the Gold Rushes have on Australia?
Overall, the Australian Gold Rush was one of the most significant events of Australian history that ever occurred.
The Australian Gold Rush had a huge effect on Australia.
The mateship formed between the diggers is still integral to how we perceive ourselves as Australians
Women living on the golf fields did brave and difficult conditions.

Some Children were allowed to attend school, only if their parents could afford it.
Families Living on the gold fields
The first prospector to discover a grain of gold was Edward Hargraves.
Discovery of the First Grain of Gold
Hargraves was originally from the Californian goldfields and introduced new mining techniques.
Transport was one of the main impacts of Australian history during the Gold Rush.
Freeman Cobb came over to Australia from America to mine gold.
He soon established the Cobb & Co Coaches Company
The two main types of gold that were mined on the fields were Alluvial and deep reef gold.
Types of Gold
A pick Shovel and a panning dish to swirl water and dirt to separate the gold was a cheap option for all miners.
The Californian Gold Rush started halfway through the Australian Gold Rush
The Californian Gold Rush
This caused Australian Gold prospectors to move to the U.S.A.
The Australian Gold Rush caused large influences of prospectors which resulted in over 370,000 Immigrants, mainly Asian and other major countries.
Gold Rush Immigrants
Approximately half way through The Gold Rush Australia’s population had increased from 430,000 to 1.7 million.
New Rules and Legislature
New rules and legislature were implemented, giving Australia more of an idea on how to draft future legislature
Because of all of the rivalry that was bought on Australia during this time, Canberra lies where it is today because of all of this.
The Australian Gold Rush
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