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No description

Aisling O' Mara

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Cartoons

Cartoons now
Cartoons in the past
Cartoons in the future

cartoons in the past
here is one right here

cartoons now
example of the earliest cartoon
These were actually drawn by hand!!!!
Cartoons in the future
in our opinion cartoons
could be quite different.
Maybe by the sound and colour

You could even maybe talk
to them.
The difference between
cartoons in the past and cartoons now are very different especially by the colours
this cartoon was made in 1908 the cartoon did not have any sound .
they drew it on black paper and drew with white pencil.
It was called fantasmagorie
another example
examples of the earliest cartoons
how did they make make cartoons
what are cartoons
Mickey mouse
Mickey Mouse is a very
famous cartoon for kids.

The creator was Walt Disney.
He made Mickey Mouse because
he was afraid of mice so that's were Mickey Mouse came in!!!
When was mickey mouse made
The first mickey mouse cartoon shown to the public was steamboat willie which had its debut of the colony theatre in new york Clubity on November
18 th 1928.It was the first cartoon to have successfully synchronised sound and was big success.Mickey went on to star in over 120
different cartoons and also starred in the Mickey mouse club house television show of
the 1950s.
November18th 1928 the date that
steamboat willie debuted is is reconized as
the official birthday of Mickey mouse.
Whose does the voice of Donald Duck ?
The original voice of Donald Duck
was Claren ''ducky '' Nash, who was succeeded,after many years, by Disney artist Tony Anselmo.
Peppa pig is a British children's television series created, directed and produced by Astley Baker Davies which started on TV on the 31 of May 2004 and ended on the 28 of November 2012.
How did they make cartoons in the past?
in the past
In the past they made flip books for cartoons
they used a book and some crayons. If they were drawing a flower they would start off with a stem then they would draw a circle next they would draw some petals and leaves and if they wanted they would draw a back round like the sun and some clouds and maybe a few mountains.
What are cartoons
did you like the video
Poor Pete is an 1892
french short animated
film directed by Charles
Emile Raynaud.It consists of 500 individually painted images and lasts about 15 minutes.
It is one of the
first animated films ever made and alongside le clown et ses chiens and un bon bock was exhibited in October 1892.
the end!!!!!
cartoon facts
Cartoons are TV shows with fake people like Tom and Jerry, Mickey mouse and lots more. Most cartoons are funny and silly.There are
also adult cartoons like the
Simpsons,south park and
family guy.
It was the first film to
demonstrate the theater
optique system developed by
Reynaud in 1888 and is also
believed to be the first usage of film perforations.The combined performance of all three films was known as Pantomines Lumineuss.These
were the first animated pictures publicly exhibited by
means of picture band.Reynaud gave the whole
presentation himself manipulating the images.
Name the cartoon where
there is a cat and mouse?
Cartoon facts
Tom and Jerry's first name was Jasper and Jinx.
Ed Edd n Eddy is cartoon networks longest running
series, running for almost 11 years.
the most expensive animated film was prince of Egypt which cost 60 million to make.
The first animated TV cartoon series was called ''Crusader rabbit, ''which ran from 1946 to 1951.
The reason why Mickey Mouse was drawn with withe gloves was because Walt Disney thought that normal mouse nails were to violent for children to watch.
Donald Duck cartoons are taken incredibly seriously on Christmas Eve in Sweden.
The biggest running prime time animated series is the

Simpsons which began in 1987.
Walt Disney disliked the Goofy cartoons and

only continued the series to make work

for his animators.

What is Donald ducks
middle name?
3.what is the cartoon
who is yellow and
a bird?
Who did they take
seriously on Christmas
donald duck!!!!!
Name all of the Simpson
family characters from oldest
to smallest.
(do not include the dog)
Winnie the pooh
Winnie the pooh's original name is Edward bear.

Winnie the pooh is a character for kids . Winnie the pooh is yellow and is a bear that wear's a red jumper.
Winnie the pooh is one of the most adored children's character.
Peppa pig
Now the longest running scripted
show in television history The
Simpsons immediately struck a chord
with viewers across the country more than 20 year ago as it poked fun at itself and everything in its wake.With its subversive humor and delightful wit,the series-now entering its 24th season-has made an incredible imprint
on American pop culture,and the
family members have become
television icons.
Bart:Nancy Cartwright
voice of Simpson family
Grandpa: Dan Castellanda
Marge: Julie Kavne
Homer: Dan Castellanda
Lisa: Yeardley Smith
Maggie: Nancy Cartwright
Garfield was born in a
italian resturaunt in 1978.
garfields favourite thing
3.Kicking odie
4.Tourchering the postman
5.Cudling with pookie
What Garfield Hates
2.dog slobber
Spongebob was created by
Steve Hillenburg.
Hillenburg liked drawing marine life and thought sponges were the oddest of all these creatures.
now lets start the quiz
In your team sing the
Spongebob square pants
theme song.

what was the 4th content
examples of the earliest cartoons
name all of Garfield's favourite things.
eating, sleeping, kicking Oddie, tourchring the postman cuddling with Pookie
how old is Garfield
Garfield is 26
26 years
Why did Walt Disney event mickey mouse
Because he was afaid of mice.
When was Fantasmagorie made
thank you for listening
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