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Hatchet vs. SOTB

No description

Harriet Styles

on 16 February 2013

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Transcript of Hatchet vs. SOTB

Hatchet vs. Sign of the Beaver Hatchet Sign of the Beaver by:George Spear by:Gary Paulsen Authors Choice: Characters
Brian Robeson
Blond dude Hatchet: Sign of the Beaver Authors choice: Characters Matthew Hallawell
Sarah Authors choice: Setting Hatchet Canadian Wilderness
present time Sign of the Beaver Quincy, MA to Maine
1680's Authors Choice: Nature Hatchet -Nature is both helpful and deadly
-Humans can become one with nature
-Nature is very deadly and unpredictable Sign of the Beaver -George describes the setting in great beautiful detail similarities: they are both in the wilderness
differences: in Hatchet they are in the Canadian wilderness and in Sign or the Beaver the setting is in Massachusetts. Reflection: I thought it was cool that we got to see the different settings such as the one in Hatchet is next to a lake and in sign of the beaver Matt has a home but no lake near it. Setting the stories in a wilderness was more realistic that choosing a resort in Mexico! Reflection: I think it would be cool if they wrote a book about a girl in the woods to see how she would survive. Hatchet Sign of the Beaver both -In Hatchet Brian is 14 years old
- has no sibling
-parents are divorced -they are both guys
- they were both around the same age
-they both have friends similarities: they both have to
with surviving
in the woods. differences: In Sign of the Beaver
the setting is in the
past, while in
Hatchet the setting is in present
day. -Matt is 13 years old
- has a sibling
-parents are still together Hatchet: setting/ nature Sign of the Beaver: setting/ nature Authors choice: genre Hatchet -fiction
-survival nature Sign of the Beaver -historical fiction
-survival nature similarities they both have to do with surviving. both are some type of fiction. differences in Sign of the Beaver the Genre is Historical fiction. on the other hand Hatchet is just fiction. reflection I think its smart that George put the genre of historical fiction because it made seance that indians where in the past and not in the future fighting robots! In Hatchet Gary put the setting of present day which made a lot f sense for hatchet because in the past there was not advanced planes. Types of Conflicts used Sign of the Beaver Hatchet >man vs nature
>cold nights
>lack of food
> man vs self Animals: Mosquitoes, moose, bees,bear,porcupine, wolves, stunk, birds, rabbits, fish, turtles >man vs nature
>lack of food
>cold nights
>man vs self Animals: Bear, bees, dogs, beavers Reflection: I thought both conflicts were very similar, such as they both had cold nights and wild animals like bears and they both had to survive to live. ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) :o ._. grrrr.....i would hate to be in a tornado!!! Manhood ~used own wits to stay alive
~had to make own weapons for hunting Hatchet Sign of the Beaver ~Attean had to leave his village into the woods make a cabin alone and do everything alone until he found his spirit.
~Matt was left alone to protect his house while his family was gone reflection I think Gary made the right choice of how he wrote of a ''city boy'' turns into a man. Brian now he sees and hears the woods differently. Now when he hears something he knows what animal it was. Loneliness Hatchet - Brian tried to kill him himself
-he talked to him self a lot Sign of the Beaver -When Attean leaves his dog was Matt's only friend and the dog is now Matt's
-he misses his family a lot Reflection I think when Brian tried to kill him self he was going crazy! But it did add a lot to the book. When the Indians leave Matt was now really alone now, but I think its also very sad that Matt had to be alone for so long. Survival Hatchet ~he had to choose wisely on what to eat
~foods he ate:
-gut carries
-turtle eggs
~took him a long time to make fire
~build a shelter successfully
~built tools:
-bow and arrow
-fish pen
-rotisserie Sign of the Beaver ~Matt meets an Indian that helps him
-traversing the woods
-how to shoot an arrow
~log cabin
~good amount of food reflection: i think Matt was more lucky to have some one to help him out to show him how to hunts go
in the woods and knowing how to come back home. In Hatchet Brian was all alone and he had to make his own shelter hunt on his own
and he had to fight the animal attacks while
George doesn't give Matt a lot of animal fights. T HE N D (>o.o)> <(0_0)> <(*=*)>
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