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Why You Would Want to Come to New Hampishere?

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Laura Flanagan

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of Why You Would Want to Come to New Hampishere?

New Hampshire
''The Royal Colony''

New Hampshire was founded by John Mason and Ferdinando Georges
It was founded in 1622
It is in the New England Region the best region of them all
The reason why you would come to New Hampshire...
If you're a Puritan, than you will want to come to New Hampshire
New Hampshire is a Puritan Colony
People from Boston brought the Puritan religion over to New Hampshire
Sadly, there is no religious freedom
New Hampshire
New Hampshire fought a tough battle to gain its' independence for it's land from Massachusetts for the second time
In 1741, New Hampshire finally gained its' independence and was free
Benning Wentworth was elected Governor
Low coast
Mountains (nice view)
Thick trees
Nice rivers (crystal clear water)
Rocky soil
Another reason you will want to come to New Hampshire...
Revolutionay war hero John Stark was born in New Hampshire
Religon continued...
New Hampshire contributions To The Revolutionary War
Revolutionnary war hero John Stark thwarted British General William Howe`s attempt to flank the American forces in Boston at Mystic beach. General Stark was captured while on a hunting trip by Indians in 1752. General Stark prevented British General Buygoyne from aquiring ample supplies in Conneticut valley such as horses that dismounted Heesian Dragoons could use. Although no fighting occured in New Hampshire, New Hampshire played a huge role in the Revolutionary War.
By Nuha, Ashton,Christopher
If you're not in New hampshire then you're missing out because over in New Hampshire, were selling timber,fish,agriculture,and lots of manufactory we'v got jobs for you to make a living for enough for a 5 people family. New Hampshire manufactured texttiles ,shipbuilding.They traded rum,copper,and Maple syrup.
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