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motocross science

project for mrs humphreys

madisyn olson

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of motocross science

newtons laws and how they affect: freestyle motocross gravity and friction: balance and unbalenced forces: newtons laws 1: 2: 3: safty eqipment: changes we would do to motocross: when jumping a ramp you balance the forces of gravity

when you lean to far over on a turn you can fall over 1: when you dont use your engien you will stay in place, and if you dont do make the turns you will just keep going straight. when the bike goes up you will keep going. when you stop your body will move forword. when you have a heavy bike it goes slower and harder to stop when you have a lighter bike it goes faster and easier to stop. when jumping a ramp you are balancing out the forcces of the gravity when taking a sharp turn, if you lean to far you can fall off. when you hit the gas you will go/speed up if moving. when hitting the brakes the friction increases and slows down the bike. what is freestyle motocross we would have bigger jumps, more obsticals, faster engiens, smaller bikes. if there was no gravity and you jumped off a ramp you would just keep going. and if there was no friction you wou;d never be able to stop! safty equipment: helmet, gloves chest pads/armor, boots, shin gaurds, googles, elbow pads, and a cup. it is a form of motocross where it is not a race but you have a limited amount of time to as many awsome tricks as you can like this
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