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Revlon- Unit 1 Powerpoint

No description

Gracie Orr

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Revlon- Unit 1 Powerpoint

Vision Statement: states what the company is going to do; future oriented.
Vision Statement
Revlon Inc. and Makeup Manufacturing
Background Information
Mission Statement
By Gracie & Simran
Mission Statement: states the purpose of an organization's existence
Revlon Inc: To be well known and accepted as the high value provider by constant innovation and improvement in products to keep pace with the changes in consumer lives.

Shareholder: also known as stockholders, are the people who own shares in a private or public limited company
Revlon Shareholders:
Revlon: Revlon's vision is to provide glamour, excitement and innovation through quality products at affordable prices.

Stakeholders: refers to a person that has a direct interest in and is affected by the performance of a business
Revlon Stakeholders:
Manufacturing Companies
Social Corporate Responsibility
The corporate belief that a company needs to be responsible for its actions – socially, ethically, and environmentally.
Fun Facts
Revlon: Transparency in Supply Chain- committed to human rights, environmental laws, business ethics, and labor standards.
Transparency in Supply Chain-


1. no child labor, forced labor, or prison labor
2. no corporal punishment or physical punishment
3. no sexual harassment

Revlon's Code of Business Conduct
Stock Price
REV (Common Stock)
Exchange NYSE (US Dollar)
Price: $28.00
Change (%) Stock is Up 0.23 (0.83%)
Volume 87,911
Data as of 10/01/13 4:02 p.m.

1. Fidelity Capital & Income- 930,000 shares
2. Vanguard-134,502 shares
Endorsed Celebrities
Emma Stone
Olivia Wilde
Jessica Alba
Halle Berry
Jessica Biel
Eva Mendes
Cherries in the snow'
A lipstick for every nail polish
Christian Louboutin & the "red sole"
World War II & Revlon
Fire & Ice
Are there any questions?

Alan T. Enis
Global Importance
Customers & Consumers
the people or organizations that buy the product
the people that use the product
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