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Innovative Tech Tool for Tax Professionals [Shared]

No description

Ali Alatas

on 20 September 2016

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Transcript of Innovative Tech Tool for Tax Professionals [Shared]

Innovative Tech Tools for Tax Professionals
Matthew Holden
Chris Bray
Adrian Cartland
Bernie Walrut
Modern Tech Tools for
Accounting and Law Firms
Go paperless… really
The Problem
Depressingly inefficient
Costly to store physical records
The Solution
Simple. No physical records.
Old news? Still not being implemented…
How? Our story...
Brainstormed, allocated tasks, “made it visual”, incentivised
No archiving.  Ever.
No paid off-site storage (or visits to retrieve)
Portability - Philippines, UAE, Finland
The Problem
My handwriting is bad. Really bad. And I draw a lot on whiteboards.
Paper notes get lost and can’t be found easily
The Solution
Evernote works on any device
Cloud based data
Text, handwriting, audio, photos
Share notes with team (who can add to them)
Search quickly and easily
How? Our story...
Tested on my own notes – whiteboard photos
Meeting notes now kept in Evernote
Each note is shared with relevant team members
All team members can search all notes for full client history
The Problem
Paper warfare:
we print, partner signs, we post to/meet with clients, clients sign, clients return, we scan, we store for ‘x’ years in house, we move to offsite, we destroy
The Solution
Don’t print it in the first place
Use Docusign to electronically sign
How? Our story...
Next time they’re in, set up their phone – 5 mins
Next time they have something to sign, their phone/email buzzes
Manila based admin team collate all documents for AU review
Clients don’t want printed documents anyway
The Problem
Managing passwords with multiple cloud applications
Staff member leaves – how do you control?
Staff using apps in insecure environments with poor passwords
The Solution
LastPass manages passwords for all of your cloud applications
Choose one strong master password, LastPass selects random strong, secure passwords
How to Implement
Choose an administrator or two in your firm
Setup a security profile for each “role” in your organisation and apply people to roles
Add relevant web sites / apps to each person (a bit of a pain - once off)
Administration rights to delegate access to staff, can limit access by IP address
The Problem
Wasting time by repeatedly explaining the same concepts to clients and staff
The Solution
Shoot videos on generic topics
Direct clients and staff to them on your web site
Hyperlinks in letters and email correspondence
How to Implement
Choose an administrator or two in your firm
Setup a security profile for each “role” in your organisation and apply people to roles
Add relevant web sites / apps to each person (a bit of a pain - once off)
The Problem
Access to data on a server
Using a common ledger
Hand-picking best of breed features
The Solution
Xero, MYOB, Quicken
Add-ons – Receipt-bank, Deputy, Apxium
How to Implement
Get firm ledger up and running to test (See next slides)
Big project in year one, need client buy-in and to provide support
Many have online training courses & check Youtube
Old Tech-Map (All on Server)
New Tech-Map (All on Cloud)
Print Invoices from AE
Enter all transactions manually (and make mistakes)
Phone through CC details
Bank Statement
Supplier Invoices
Post tax invoices &
Auto emails invoices online payment options
Auto emails reminders regularly until paid
Accept payments with no human intervention
No manual data entry
All invoice data (including image)
Bank Feeds Daily
Supplier Invoices
The Problem
The Problem
The Problem
The Problem
The Problem
Bernie practises as a Barrister at Murray Chambers. In addition to his legal qualifications he holds a Masters in Information Technology and a Ph D. He has long used technology in his practice. He will in describing some apps he uses describe the use he has made of them and technology more generally in the course of his practice.
Advantages and Why
Single blank canvas, not slide based
It is free and web based
You can use it as an interactive tool
Link text and images to movement without the need for animation
Watch out it can cause motion sickness
More of a learning curve
The Problem
How to give more effective presentations
How to make the presentation interactive
How to minimise death by PowerPoint
The Problem
Use natural language as variables in computations
The Problem
A mass of related data
The data needs to be collated, often shared and analysed
Need to assemble and share
The Problem
Finding past advices and research
The Problem
How to develop an expert rule based system to check analysis without programming
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