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Applying Strategic Management Models to the Airline Industry

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Catherine Rooney

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Applying Strategic Management Models to the Airline Industry

Applying A Strategic Management Model to the Airline Industry
Ansoff's Model
Market Penetration
Market penetration occurs when a company penetrates a market with its existing product range and strategic capabilities and obtains increased market share (David, 2009)


British Airways
Lecture Overview...
Ansoff's Matrix
Application to the Airline Industry
British Airways Case Study
AirAsia Case Study

airBaltic lets passengers customize their buy-on-board meal

Iberia implement online auction scheme that allows customers to bid for seating upgrades.

Singapore airlines and budget market-tiger airlines

The Airline Industry
IATA, 2014
Servair chefs surprise visits
Market Development
Product Development
The market development strategy involves offering existing products to new segments, new users and new geographies (Johnson et al, 2008).
Diversification strategy is distinct as an organization essentially moves out of its current products and markets into new areas. (Yashodha, 2012)
The product development strategy is implemented when an organization delivers modified or new products or services to an existing market ( Johnson et al, 2008).
Ansoff's Model
Emirates & Delta and their sports lounges at soccer stadiums.
Strategy theorists have proposed various definitions regarding strategic management, each with certain elements of strategy that an organisation should employ.

Johnnson et al (2008) defines it as "the long-term direction of an organisation."

When deciding on the strategic path that your company can take you can refer to the models of Ansoff's Growth Matrix, Bowmans Clock and the BCG Matrix.
It is obvious that in such a competitive industry as airlines it is vital that companies have a clear vision of their long term direction. By employing good practices of strategy it can result in definite competitive advantage.

Our examples from the industry show that companies must constantly strive to implement new and attractive innovations.

Always having a direction in place will assist in the positioning of the organisation, the strategic choices for the future and managing the strategies that have been adopted.
(Yashodha, 2012)
(Njau, 2012)
1990's - 2011
First permanent airport and commercial terminal used solely for commercial flights opens at Flughafen Devau near Konigsberg, East Prussia (Russia)
Many commercial airlines and airports go offline to commercial traffic to support World War II military efforts.
The first female airline pilot, Emily Warner, flies as second officer for Frontier Airlines.
First airline tickets are sold via the internet.
First passenger flight: Wilbur Wright takes an employee along for a ride
National Air Mail service launched.
Transportation Security Administration established in response to September 11 attacks.
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Helps businesses identify strategic direction.

Clarifies the organisations current position.

Widely employed by airline industry ( evident in examples).
Unlike BCG Matrix it does not outline the performance levels of products/services.

Bowmans includes pricing strategy.

Ansoffs is considered a simplistic model and lacking in external factors.

2014 (January)
Why did we choose Ansoff's Matrix?
Gulf Air
Virgin - Google Glasses
Austrians Amenity Kit
Emirates in-flight Spa
Airlines Expect 31% Rise in Passenger Demand by 2017
The Future
Air travel markets increased 8% from January 2013

Burnsmcd.com, 2014
Airbus announces signing of the largest aircraft deal in history based on aircraft ordered: 200 planes ordered by AirAsia
Airlinetrends.com, 2014
Airlinetrends.com, 2014
Airlinetrends.com, 2014
Airlinetrends.com, 2014
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