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ISP Pokemon prezi!!!

A prezi I made for PrIDE

Celine Tsang

on 8 August 2018

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Transcript of ISP Pokemon prezi!!!

A prezi by Celine Tsang


This is a presentation about Pokemon. But not just any ordinary presentation. Today, we will delve deeper into the world of Pokemon. We will be going more in depth about how interesting Pokemon is, not just the things you seem to see. I find Pokemon very interesting and I hope you do too!
Why is Pokemon famous?
Why is Pokemon famous?
Why is it famous?
Why do people play it? (Jotnotes)
Is it a good influence?
Influence values/Ethics (Jotnotes)
Is it a good influence?
Influence values/Ethics
Should kids play this?
Physical/Emotional reactions and why?
Thank you!
Thank you for listening. I hope you enjoyed it and learned about Pokemon in the process!
Why do people like it?
Pokemon is iconic. It's timeless. Financially the Pokemon Series has made hundreds of millions without slightly changing anything about it, which is genius.
Well, duh, the Pokemon! The character design for these guys has always been great, emotive, safe, adventurous, cute, kitschy, yet universal.
-Carmine Red
Why do people play it?
They are really long games. You personally build up your own team and thus the game becomes personal. The plots aren't all that bad (Black/White had a very good story). Great game play mechanics and online is great since it's your person team battling.
I play Pokemon for the sense of adventure and discovery. These worlds are so simple, yet so captivating;it is easy to spend hours exploring it all.
-Pedro Hernandez
-Good exploration
-Sense of curiosity is rewarded
-Able to forge a connection with my team
-Pokemon causes me to become attached to my team
-Sense of escape
-Able to play different roles
-Able to have duels of strength and wit

-It teaches you friendship and perseverance, the main character works with his friends and Pokemon.
-Even after countless bad guy interferences, he kept going and trying.
-A mom's young son's tutor warned her that Pokemon was related to the occult.
-Soon, the mom learned a Christian school had banned them because of occult theories.
-The mom heard her son's friend saying, "I'll just use my psychic powers."
-Much of it is similar to occult/eastern mysticism
-Pokemon is not a violent program, as the fights are merely sparring.
-It helps develop logic skills for kids
-Pokemon is a battle of wits between trainers
-After a screening, and watching Pokemon battle after battle, a little boy said he wanted to fight.
-Children have written hate e-mail to movie critics who didn't like the Pokemon film.
-Some kids will even cheat to get the cards they want.
-Lavender Town Syndrome is an urban legend
-Its theme song allegedly made children sick when they heard it
-After hearing it, children complained of nausea, headaches, and about 100 Japanese children committed suicide
-The legend states that the song contains high-pitched tones only young children can hear.
Should kids play this?
Physical/Emotional reactions and why?
-One Pokemon episode had rapid flashes of red and blue, and sent at least 685 Japanese viewers to the hospital.
-The viewers had symptoms ranging from nausea to hyperventilation to convulsions.
-However, many parents believe Pokemon teaches their kids to read.
-Pokemon also encourages strategic thinking and basic math skills.
-Pokemon encourages good sportsmanship and respect for other players.
What is the general reception?
The Pokemon that we all knew and loved is gone, ... hope that they realise their mistakes and return to the original idea.

Every series of Pokemon is the same! ... Just end it already!

-I can still enjoy the show, and learn about the new Pokemon.
What is the general reception?
Pokemon is a great franchise!

No, I hate it. I'm an adult with no time for really STUPID things.

It was like the older RPG games I'd play-you build up a team of adventurers, make them powerful, explore the next area, solve mysteries, and get a story.
What did the critics think?
-Black and White 2 offers a compelling record of all that's great from 16 years of catching, collecting, collating and coaxing pocket monsters into ever more exciting forms, bit by wonderful bit.
-Newcomers and hard core fans who played the original titles will be served with the best Poke-game ever made and one of the best and deepest action-adventure-RPG titles on the Nintendo DS.
-Eurogamer Italy
-PETA claims that if they existed in Pokemon, they would promote that Pokemon serve themselves.
-PETA meanwhile has made a terrible Flash game parody of Pokemon called "Black and Blue", which has Pokemon fighting human trainers.
-Early on in the game, you unlock a video which shows horrible animal abuse which is not suitable for children to see.
Pokemon Four Corners Activity!
1. PETA is right that Pokemon is bad for kids.
2. PETA is simply doing this for publicity.
3.Pokemon is linked to the occult.
4.The Pokemon franchise is great the way it is now.
5.Pokemon teaches you good ethics (e.g. perseverance).
Strongly Agree!
Strongly Disagree!
Look at this image. Now imagine it flashing rapidly with colours of red and blue.
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