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Factors behind Google Maps routing (driving) suggestions

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Amar Krishna

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Factors behind Google Maps routing (driving) suggestions

What factors they use in forming a suggestion
Correlation of a popular route and its traffic (and other) conditions
The factors they use
The blackbox algorithm
Decision making
Study and Improve the routes suggested by Google maps
Factors behind Google Maps routing (driving) suggestions
Amar, Rosanne

Suggested Routes!!
Popularity of a traffic segment
Obtaining the traffic conditions
Improving the driving route decision making
Recommendation system for suggested routes
Proposed question/solutions
Using the google maps API for initial data collection
Two data sets collected.
One from MM to willis towers.
Another one from Evanston to willis towers.
Using the traffic layers( provided by google api) to correlate the suggested routes.
How we will implement it!!
What are we doing?
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