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MDC's MDConnect Student Self Service Overview

This presentation provides an overview of MDC's newly implemented Student Self Service features available starting Fall term 2016.

MDC MDConnect

on 20 June 2016

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Transcript of MDC's MDConnect Student Self Service Overview

Student Self Service Overview

You can also view Advisor contact information

Enrollment Dates
You can view your enrollment details and appointments for each term
You will have access to your financial information, statements, including Financial Aid
Additional Resources
Personal Information
You can view and update personal information such as address, phone, emergency contact, etc.

Educational Links
You will find educational quick links to the Campus Bookstore and Library
You will be notified if there is anything

preventing you from enrolling or receiving official transcripts
You will use MDConnect Self Service to search, enroll/register, and view schedules

You will be able to view past/current class schedules

You will receive notification on your To Do List if you have required actions that need to be completed, such as orientation, pending transcript, etc.

are available at:

You will have Student Activities quick links to Student Life at MDC, Arts and Culture at MDC, and


You can also access The Reporter – Student Paper and College News from MDConnect Student Self Service
Student Activities
MDC is excited to introduce
Self Service!

Let's take a look at some of the new/improved features available to you starting fall term 2016
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