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Copy of Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

pathology project

Nur Khalidah Abdullah

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

Alice In Wonderland
Syndrome History/
What is it? John Todd a psychiatrist discovered a rare syndrome that affects ones perception, later
on his named this syndrome after Lewis
Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.
Today Alice in Wonderland syndrome also known as micropsia can be abbreviated as AIWS, this syndrome is a neurological disorder that disturbs signals from the eyes to the brain. ETIOLOGY SS Signs AND Symptoms Signs:
with AIWS there are no visible signs to detect if someone has the syndrome
how ever the Symptoms of AIWS are:
Alteration of body image
Alteration of visual perception
Distorted time perception
Distorted touch perception
Distorted sound perception treatment there isn't anything you really can do, but sleep is your best way to try to help.
time is all it really takes, it'll go away as you get older
medication of what you would use for a migraine AIWS can be caused by a number of different things but the most common are: FUN VIDEO FACTS CELEBRITIES
HAVE IT Lewis carroll Mr. Bean Candidate : Nur Khalidah Bt. Abdullah Alteration of body image Patients perceive sizes of parts of the body incorrectly. He will be baffled about the dimension and shape of various parts of their body Aliteration of visual preception The person also perceives the sizes of external objects erroneously. It is important to understand that the eye is normal. AIWS occurs due to a change in the perception, as against an impairment of the eyes Distorted time preception The patient does not
has no sense of time Distorted touch preception The patient sensation of touch may get distorted. Distorted sound preception Like the other senses, the sense of sound too gets warped, and there may be auditory hallucinations. There are
no cure •maigraine
•temporal lobe epilapsy
•brain tumors
•using psychoactive drug
.epstein barr viral infection Class : 4 Alpha Date : 15 March 2013 SPM english 111/9 . ulbs model 1 . paper 3 Assessor : Madam Munawiza Bt. Juhanis THE
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