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Keep on smiling

No description

Alex Faniadis

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Keep on smiling

Keep on Smiling If at times you feel you want to cry. And life seems such a trial Above the clouds there’s a bright blue sky So make your tears a smile. As you travel on life’s way With its many ups and downs Remember it’s quite true to say One smile is worth a dozen frowns. Among the worlds expensive things A smile is very cheap And when you give a smile away, You get one back to keep. Happiness comes at times to all But sadness comes unbidden And sometimes a few tears must fall Among the laughter hidden. So when friends have sadness on their face And troubles round them piled The world will seem And all because you smiled. a better place Written By: Alexandra Skiathitis Created By: Alex Faniadis and Irene Paule Music: Unwell by Matchbox Twenty Thanks for watching :) Keep on Smiling Analysis 1. Summary of what the piece is about: The poem "Keep on Smiling" is all about when ever you are feeling down, or if you hit a bump in the road, just remember that "there's a bright blue sky" you can make a huge difference in someones life "all because you smiled" :) 2. Theme of the piece: Positivity, happiness, comfort 3. Tone or mood created: The tone or mood created in this poem would be comfort and positivity because, even when you are upset, everything will be okay. 4. Use of imagery and other poetic devices, a discussion of their effectiveness, and explanation of why you think the poet used these particular devices: 5. Why you like/dislike the piece I like this poem because, when ever i read it, it lightens my mood and makes me want to smile :) Rhyme: A,B,A,B BY Alexandra Skiathitis There are no metaphors or similes in this poem but, "keep On Smiling" is very well written
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