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my favorite organelle

No description

kehli hughes

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of my favorite organelle

a super awesome organelle Mitochondria mitochondria is all energy, it creates
chemical energy for other organalles to
use. mitochondria has tasks to do like other cells do its not a lazy cell, it does things such as signaling, cellular differentiation and cell death, it also controls the cell cycle and cell growth. mitochondria has many jobs the protist Chaos (Pelomyxa) carolinensis!!!!!!! the organelle is involved with all
other organelles in the cell the
structure of this magnificent organelle
is a
double-membraned mitochondrion can be loosely described as a large wrinkled bag packed inside of a smaller, unwrinkled bag. mitochondria contains DNA, so in a way mitochondria makes us who we are.
just an afterthought:) Mitochondria has a lot in commen
with prokaryotes,
As a result, they are thought to be originally derived from endosymbiotic prokaryotes. the term "mitochondria" however was coined by Carl Benda in 1898 Richard Altmann, in 1894,
established them as
cell organelles
and called them "bioblasts" there is mitochondria in all eukaryote cells, that is except one... i dont really know what that is:/ here is mitochondria DNA, i hope you like it andknow what it means;)
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