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Copy of Activity 2.5 "Changes in Simba's World"

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susan Stine

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Activity 2.5 "Changes in Simba's World"

Activity 1.13
"Revisiting Simba's Story"

Summarize the graveyard scene that you viewed in Unit 1 - Activity 1.4
As you watch scenes from the The Lion King, take notes that describe the changes that Simba faces in his world and the way he reacts to these changes.
Segment 1
(Scene 1 and 5)
Opening Scene, when Simba is presented to the gathered animals.

Describe the world that Simba enters. What does is look like? How does everyone get along with everyone else? What is Simba's Place in this world?
Segment 2
(Clip 3 Scenes 9 - 10)
How does Simba's world change in this section? How does he feel about this change? Why?
In the opening, the setting appears to be in a savannah-like setting, during a hot summer. All sorts of animals live together happily in the scene. They are ruled by their King, a lion. Simba is an important character in their community, and one day he will replace his father as king. We know this because the animals cheer and ow to him.
Simba's world changes because he is almost killed by the stampeding herd. His father, Mufasa, is killed trying to rescue Simba. Scar, Mufasa's brother, causes Mufasa to fall into the ravine, where he dies under the feet of the stampeding herd. Simba feels guilty about and devastated by his father's death. His guilt is made worse by Scar's accusation and advice to run away because of his shame.
Segment 3
(Clip 4 Scene 13)
This is Simba's introduction to Timon and Pumbaa's "Hakuna Matata" philosophy.

Simba is living in another place now. How is this world different from his original home? How does he feel about his new home? How has Simba changed?
His new home is green, lush, and beautiful. Unlike Simba's original desert like home, this new place resembles a rain forest. Certain foods (like bugs) and water are plentiful. He and his new friends eat bugs instead of meat Simba would have eaten in his old home.
Simba seems to love his new home. He used to have a future that was full of responsibilities, but now he seems to be interested only in having a good time with his friends. Simba doesn't have any responsibilities. As the song says, "It's a problem free philosophy..."
Segment 4
(Clip 5 Scene 14)
What does the scene
about the way Simba's world has changed since Scar has taken over?
Simba's world is different because the bird who was Mufasa's companion is now a prisoner to Scar, who has taken over as the new king. Scar seems lazy. He tells his hungry hyena helpers that the lionesses should provide food.
Segment 5
(Clip 6 Scene 18)
Nala finds Simba and tells him the situation in the Pride Lands, leading him to make a difficult decision.

What are Simba's options at this point?
Simba can go back and save his kingdom from Scar, who is ruling with his band of hyenas, and face is past, or he can stay in the beautiful forest in his easy life trying to forget his guilt over his father's death.
Turn to your elbow partner and discuss the way Simba feels about the choices he faces.
How is Simba's feelings compare to a real-life situation that someone your age might face?
Segment 6
(Clip 7 Scene 21)
Simba finally decides to face the changes in his world by confronting Scar. Afterward, his world returns to the way it was in the beginning.

How does Simba feel about the changes that have taken place while he was gone? How does he respond to these changes? What is Simba's world like at the end of the film?
Simba is angry about Scar hitting Nala, his mother. He wants to take back the kingdom. Simba responds to Scar's changes by telling Scar to step down and give him the kingdom back. He challenges Scar to fight and exposes Scar as Mufasa's murderer. He fights Scar, who is ultimately killed by his own forces, the hyenas.
At the end of the film, Simba finally takes his rightful place as king and celebrates the birth of his new son, continuing the
"circle of life.
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