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Copy of Meet Steve Patchin

Introduction to Steve Patchin: his interests, accomplishments, and goals

Steve Patchin

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Meet Steve Patchin

What are my Interests and hobbies? My passion is collaboratively creating and executing innovative programming using undergrad/grad students to inspire and engage K-12 students in their own education, focusing on STEM fields. Where do I live? I live in the Keweenaw Penninsula of Michigan, average annual snowfall - around 190 inches, luckily not all at once Create, Execute, Analyze, Reinvent My wife Colette, son Sean, daughter Taylor, and son Jake Why am I taking this class? EDAD 981 - Intro to Research: To introduce me to and help build effective/appropriate research methods to aid in my future research projects involving using informal STEM education programs to inspire K-12 and undergrad/grad student success and mentorship
EDAD 980 - Seminar on College Student Development: Create outreach programming that will help develop undergrad/graduate students communication skills, increase their self efficacy, and lead to active community engagement in STEM outreach throughout their careers What are my career plans? Create, develop, grow, and lead a Pre-college Innovative Outreach Institute at Michigan Technological University whose purpose is to develop engaging hands-on K-12 programming, with a STEM focus. Programming will use create a pipeline of 'active' mentoring in a pipeline from university to community college, to secondary education, to elementary education. Hobbies and Interests Director - Center for Pre-College Outreach
Michigan Technological University Steve Patchin
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