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No description

Chris Higgie

on 29 May 2017

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Transcript of Representation

Single Young Adult Females
Television - 'Friends' series one
-Rachel goes to get a job but returns wearing fashion boots
- 'Sweet and low'
- Comments about ugly naked guy
- Joey's ex-girlfriend's dress. "It's to extenuate my boobs."

- At a 'surface level' we see things like
* An increase in disordered eating and eating disorders.
* An increase in cosmetic surgery
* An increase in anxiety and stress
* Younger and younger children being image conscious and / or concerned with how they look
Movies - 'Bridget Jones Diary'
'Great I'm Wearing a carpet'
Fat pants or thong
Hair after ride in convertible car
First diary entry is resolution to lose 20lb

-Drop two dress sizes by xmas
- How to lose 5lb in 7 days
- Hot pants issue

Level 2 Media Studies - PNBHS

- At a 'secondary' level we see
* Who pays for cosmetic surgery fix ups when operations done overseas go wrong?
* Mis-treatment and violence towards women
* Women are seen as sex objects not people
* An increase in bullying and teasing about image ( particularly cyber bullying )
Implications 3
- What if???
- What if young males were put under as much pressure and suffered the constant demand on their image as females face?
- Would we still see the prevalence of things like having a 'beer gut'?
- What would happen to our already high youth suicide rate?
Beauty is valued
- The media creates concepts of normalcy, what is valued, what is not valued.
- Because the media representation is so consistent we are almost always surrounded by a very one dimensional vision of what is beautiful.
- The real word is VERY DIFFERENT to what we see in the media. There is much more variation in the real world
There is only ONE definition of beauty
- Skinny
- Flawless complexion
- Perfect hair
- Perfect teeth
The Media

Single = Not married or in a long term relationship
Young adult = 18 - 30ish
How do we know these messages exist???
- The constant and consistent showing of the same thing shows that the media value this look.
- People's positive reaction to this look in the media show that it is valued.
- The media helps to establish and cement concepts of the world we live in. It creates concepts of what is normal, acceptable, desired and valued. It also creates impressions of what is not desired or valued.
Media communication and influence theory
- NOT the bullet or hypodermic model [ totally dis-proven ] or any of the old linear models.
- New post modernist theories
Reception Analysis Theory
= The "relationship" between the consumer and the text is all important. Not the vision of the producer.
- Do
Social Learning Theory
and the
Limited Effects Paradigm
play a part in forming the 'relationship' ???
- Dominant and variant readings
- Opinion leaders and The Spiral of Silence
- Over time there is a shift in what is seen and established as 'normal'.
Women are objects and therefore not human
- Once something is an object you can do with it what you like. It has no thoughts, feelings or rights.
What does representation mean?
- The common way(s) that the media show or portray a particular group / culture / section of society
What does 'Message(s)' mean?
- The way that the group / culture / section of society get ideas about how they should be or behave
- The way we as society get ideas about what the group / culture / section of society should be or behave
What does 'Implications' mean?
- The long term concequences that happen because people change their behaviour to match the messages they have recieved throught the media
- We see women of all shapes, sizes, colours
- Hair is almost never 'perfect'. The world we live in has wind!
- Wrinkles and pores do exist. :)
- Gravity does have an influence. :)
In general people are motivated to CONSUME more and more to 'fix' what is 'wrong' with them.
The creating of 'unreality'
- Things like photoshop, airbrushing and CGI of film or television images alter reality and create a sense of 'unreality' that is never physically possible.
"Our job was to sell things to women they didn't know they needed." - Liz Jones, ex-editor and chief of VOGUE magazine
Image Conscious
That women are shown in the media to be very concerned with how they look.
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