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Coppertone sunscreen

No description

Elizabeth J

on 22 August 2014

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Transcript of Coppertone sunscreen

Coppertone Takes Spring Break
Informing Our Customers
Continuing the Scientific Approach
Spray vs. Lotion

More convenient/faster application
Reduces stickiness
Reaches areas lotion may not if alone

More protection due to thickness
Potentially more kid-friendly
Visibility of coverage
Attention-grabber: Beach obstacle course
Why Sunscreen?
Coppertone's Current Marketing Initiatives
Target Market
Coppertone Takes Spring Break
Awareness campaign- information, brand, necessity of product
Multiple cities frequented by college spring breakers
Show that sunscreen can still be cool
Sun Squad
Promo models
Staffing obstacle course
Handing out samples on the beach
Encouraging social media use
Nightclub giveaways
The "
Coppertone Takes Spring Break"
Target Audience:
Men and women ages 18-24
Show that sunscreen is important and can still offer the glow that everyone wants
Coppertone Sport sunscreen with sunless tanner
should appeal to the age demographic and catch their attention
The right setting
An influx of branding for brand recognition purposes
A gimmick
Social media initative
Thank you!

Branding: "Flash 'em your Coppertone tan"
Marketing & Informing through Social Networking
: a necessary product without a presence in the marketing world
$600 miillion
Skin Cancer
Most common form of cancer in US
Past 30 years: more skin cancer cases than all other cancers combined
1 in 5 Americans will develop it in lifetime
30 million people tan indoors per year.
2-3 million are teens
Melanoma cases in
y.o.'s: 76% because of tanning beds
Primarily families
Website geared towards women
Banana Boat
Hawaiian Tropics
Current Marketing
Few coupons/promotions
POP ads: eye-catching end caps
Occasional print ads
Newest TV ad:
Coppertone Baby: 1953
...SPRINg BReak 2015!
Room keys
Free samples
Here's the Idea...
Participants first apply sunscreen
Challenge themselves in a variety of tasks within the course
Obstacle in the sand
Water being dumped
Slip-n-Slide portion
Pose for a selfie- large screen outside
Brewers Association
National Soft Drinks Association
Fast Food Marketing
Skin Cancer Foundation
The Travel Channel
Scribd: Coppertone

What to look for:
SPF (sun protection factor) covers only UVB
Best protection through UVA & UVB
Twitter and Instagram
Current Campaign:
Visually appealing photos or phrases with no real tie to the product

New Campaign:
Informative, factual tweets appealing to target market
Instagram photos : "Where's your sunscreen this spring break?"

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