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The Day After Tomorrow

No description

Neha Raja

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of The Day After Tomorrow

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
The Day After Tomorrow
By: Neha Raja and Josephine Floyd

Plot Summary
Centered on the dramatic climate changes Earth endures caused by global warming.

A man, Jack Hall, makes a startling discovery that Earth will undergo another ice age in the next century or so
He discovers this when he is in Antarctica and the ice starts falling.
Meanwhile Jack's son, Sam, has to take a school trip to Manhattan, NY.
It turns out that the storm is coming sooner than expected with a time span of 6-8 weeks.
Plot Summary (Cont.)
Global Warming
When Jack is in Antarctica, a whole shelf of ice falls.
This tells him that something is causing the ice to melt.
Turns out global warming is melting the north pole.
Global Warming cont.
Carbon pollution is the main reason our planet is getting hotter, increasing the chances of weather disasters, drought and flood and hurting our health.
The pollution is causing the ice caps in the movie to melt.
Polar melting disrupts the north atlantic current.
Results in drastic weather changes
Temperature Changes
In the movie, they keep buoys that track the temperature in the ocean.
Buoys suddenly show a 13 degree drop in Fahrenheit of the surface temperature.
The change in surface temperature is an indication of the disrupted ocean current
Causes the weather to dramatically change in a matter of minutes
Thus, places around the world including India, California, and Japan undergo dramatic storms including hail the size of golf balls and wind speeds up to 70 mph.
What Can Be Done to Change It?
Resources should not be taken advantage as
The destruction of nature such as deforestation should be halted.
The use of industrialized products that cause pollution should be reduced
Stop burning fossil fuels to reduce the amount of carbon we are emitting into the air.
Various places around the world including India, California, and Japan are undergoing dramatic storms.
New York will be in the midst of the eye of the storm.
South is evacuated to Mexico to protect them from the cold fronts that are coming.
Jack Hall spends remainder of the movie trying to reach and rescue his son.
Movie ends when storm is over and air is clear stating that drastic changes must be taken place to prevent future catastrophes.
Ocean Current

In the movie, the ocean current changes.
Current depends on salt and fresh water concentration
Polar ice melting results in dumps of freshwater breaking the balance of the concentration.
They hit a critical desalinization point.
Polar melting disrupts the north atlantic current.
Results in drastic weather changes such as the freezing over of New York and rest of the North in the movie.
Verge of major climate shift.

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